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Metropolitan Cathedral in Rio, one massive building.
On the streets of Rio left on red is okay, a stop light doubles as a market for men, women and children selling everything from Brazilian flags and noise makers, to chocolate and license plates. At one stop light we witnessed the erection of a human pyramid as one Brazilian man stood on top of the bottom of a blue plastic garbage can while another scaled to his shoulders, put on a blindfold and began juggling five tennis balls. The man bellow would occasionally, and very quickly, remove one hand, leaving the man atop balancing on the other’s shoulders. Once this had gone on for fifteen to twenty seconds, the pyramid came down and the two began going car to car asking for money for the show they had just put on. For most, it was a show free of charge. Jaywalking is alright, though the odds of you getting clobbered by a car are very high, as not even the most beautiful of women stop traffic. Parking spaces are of no use as you can park your car anywhere you can find a space for it. Be aware though, other will park in front and behind you, allowing you no room to get out. From what I have seen, there is no such thing as a speeding ticket nor a parking ticket. For the most part Rio doesn’t seem like too much of a challenge to get around, that is if there were no cars on the road. When we arrived and we were still on Roberto’s favorable side, we observed police with assault rifles sticking out of their windows. Something never too be seen in the United States of America. This morning we took a little twelve passenger bus to Sugar Loaf. We, like many other tourists, road the cable car to the top of the giant rock and marveled in the engineering that went in to building the viewpoint atop. The cable cars hold over sixty people and seem to be very safe. The view from atop Sugar Loaf is awe inspiring, as the whole of the city is viewable. The sky was clear besides the smoky, haze that blanket the city and you could see, at least what I believed to be our hotel in Copacabana. The worst thing that can happen to someone on a sightseeing mission is what happened to us at the Christ Redeemer statue, overlooking gorgeous Rio. As soon as we began to make our was up the steep hill to the Christ I began to see the fog come in. When we arrived at the top and at the base of the Christ He suddenly disappeared into the clouds as if he did not want us to see him today. Maybe another time the Christ will be more friendly to my father and I. We ended our day that one of the largest cathedrals I have ever laid eyes on. The church was ninety meters in height and one hundred and eight meters across. From the photos we took it looks like a straight building, yet in person the cathedral is actually cone shaped. On Christmas and other major religious holidays it is said the church can hold upwards of 20,000 people. A real sight to see, that I am sure of.
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Metropolitan Cathedral in Rio, one…
Metropolitan Cathedral in Rio, on…