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Where we stayed in Manaus, Brazil
    After a two flights, one of two hours and one nearly cresting at three, not to mention being crammed up against the window, we finally landed in the jungle--Manaus. As I was pressed up against the window I got a very good view point of the destruction of the jungle. Sections, some multiple kilometers in area, slashed, leaving definite lines of the forested and deforested. For the majority of the plane flight from Brasilia to Manaus there were hundreds of slashed chunks of jungle. It really got me thinking. Initially I thought, “Well hell, there’s miles and miles of jungle, that means there is enough wood and tress to supply the entire world!” The foregoing statement is partially true, yes there is miles and miles of jungle, however, at the rate they are slashing giant chunks and not practicing replanting, we will, someday, run out of jungle. On the plane we met a man by the name of Theo, who when asked, “Why are you going to Manaus?” he replied, “To see it before it is gone.” Theo was a true traveler. A native of Amsterdam in The Netherlands had been to such countries as Bangladesh and Thailand and this was too his first time in Brazil. Theo worked for the government in Amsterdam and was using up his two months vacation time granted to him as a benefit of his job. We landed in Manaus and were picked up at the airport by the hotel we had made reservations with. Theo said he would catch a bus into town and find someplace to stay as he did not have reservations of any sort. Theo had also gone to Manaus to take a two night jungle tour, a tour very popular in Manaus. Us, on the other hand, opted not to take a jungle tour but to take a one day boat trip up the Rio Negro to the meeting of the water---where the Amazon and the Rio Negro meet. We met up with Theo at Scarola’s Pizzeria and Self-Service, a restaurant at the end of the block. After a few caipirinhas and a slice or two of Scarola’s delicious pizza (which we ate three nights in a row) we left Theo as he was going to eat something “substantial” as he was headed into the jungle the following morning. After an exchanging of email addresses we left Theo and went back to our hotel for the night. The Hotel Dez de Julio, or the 10th of July Hotel, was a very simple yet conferrable hotel. It was one of those places where you learn to love the little things…like air conditioning!
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Where we stayed in Manaus, Brazil
Where we stayed in Manaus, Brazil
photo by: travelman727