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Downtown Curitiba
Well, the train to Paranagua didn’t work out. I didn’t want to miss another world cup game so we elected to not go on Tuesday, and the train had already left for today (Monday) so we were out a train ride. This was actually the only reason we came to Curitiba was the ride the scenic train down to the coastal town on Paranagua. Instead we spent the day walking through the shopping center of town. There I found an internet café and was able to do a little MySpacing. Dad was not doing good as he was suffering from the runs. “Don’t drink the water,” they say, but it’s not that easy. Back in Rio and on the TAM flights thus far, we had ice in our drinks and this really hit dad bad. After using all his prescription pills he had obtained before leaving the States he was hurting for relief. We found a little drug store directly adjacent from the Tibagi. There dad was able to buy an entire bottle of the same prescription pills the he had gotten in the States for next to nothing. On our return to the hotel was asked the girl at the front desk, who was very mousey and had a squeaky voice and spoke no English whatsoever, where Rudy was. She didn’t know a Rudy. We had seen her just the day before with him and she was talking to him. Dumbfounded, we rode the elevator to the 11th floor wondering what happened to Rudy. We were in bad need of doing some laundry and had found a little laundromat just down the street from the hotel. Our laundry total came out to 34R$, which was a bargain compared to our pervious laundry bill in Rio. While at the laundromat I notice a little bar right across the street. I made a mental not of this and this was where I wanted to watch Brazil play Ghana. Rudy was at the front desk when we returned and we asked him why the girl didn’t know his name. He told us that in Portuguese it was pronounced “ew-G.” Looking again at the restaurant advertisements I picked up a card for a churrascaria, a Brazilian barbeque. Rudy said it was one of the best in all of Curitiba and he called us a Radiotáxi and we took the three mile drive to the Churrascaria PAIOL. The food was amazing. Most of all I loved the barbequed chicken hearts! After eating our fill we were invited by the man in charge to see how it was all made. In the back was an amazing setup and we got to see the giant barbeque where all the meat was cooked. We rode another Radiotaxi back to the Tibagi and passed out for the night—stuffed.
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Downtown Curitiba
Downtown Curitiba
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