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TAM Airways

The airplanes in this country not on reliable schedules whatsoever, as they are always late. We checked in for our flight today from Brasilia to Curitiba early, thinking that we wouldn’t have to wait too long. The boarding time was 10:12am and the departure time was supposed to be 10:52. Well, we were told by a Brazilian girl in her twenties that all planes are like this. They all run late. It was good to hear this from someone else, because we had waited so long I was worrying if we were at the correct terminal or not. Finally the plane arrived and we left. On the ride from CWB (Curitiba’s airport) to our hotel I saw something very disgusting and disheartening—a Wal-Mart. I was so disappointed that they had Wal-Mart’s in Brazil. I was sure they did, but to see something like Wal-Mart, that is the epitome of the American capitalist vermin I began to feel sick. Part of me wanted to go to the Wal-Mart and see if it was any different then its American counterparts. I hope I never see another Wal-Mart on this trip. Our hotel was one I had found on the internet. The Hotel Tibagi was nice and cheep and had an amazing lactation. It said it was only one black from the shopping garces and it was right. The man at the front desk was named Rudy. His English was great and we later found out that he had been a vendor at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena a few years back. Our room was great! It was located on the 11th floor and we had a decent view of the street below. In the lobby of the Tibagi was numerous cards advertising restaurants and eateries. We had some amazing pizza while in Rio and both dad and I were interested in more Brazilian style pizza. Rudy helped us order a pizza for a local pizzeria. As we sat in our room, enjoying the pizza we knew we’d have a good time in Curitiba. Tomorrow we are going to look in to riding the train to Paranagua

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TAM Airways
TAM Airways
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