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Where we stayed in Brasilia
We had learned the day before that we would have to miss Brazil’s third game of the 2006 World Cup against Japan due to our flight to Brasilia. The fact we were missing the game really got to me, that was one thing I wanted to do in Brazil was to watch the Brazilian World Cup games in amongst Brazilians. During to duration of the flight the game began and ended without us seeing a second of it. However, when we touched down in Brasilia, before the routine welcoming us to the city the announced the pilot came on and said something in Portuguese to the extent of, “Brazil 4, Japan 1” and I have to say, the plane erupted! People cheered just as loud as if they were in Germany. Flying again back over the jungle towards Brasilia I saw even more of the jungle destruction. I tried to keep the plastic shade down, sometimes out of sight, out of mind really works. Landing in Brasilia, Brazil’s capitol I have to say, I sure didn’t see this eagle or airplane or whatever it is that is Brasilia’s layout. I was concerned about our hotel in the nation’s capitol. With a hotel it’s like they say, “Location, location, location” and it turns out all the hotels in Brasilia are in the same “sector.” When architect Oscar Niemeyer designed the city of Brasilia he wanted it to be the city of the new millennium. When it came to the Hotel Casablanca, our hotel in Brasilia it was in the same location as everything else--give or take a few meters. We learned that Brasilia’s “wings” all have the same stores and business as the opposite wing. On our wing, the North wing we had a giant shopping mall 10 minutes from the Casablanca. On the South wing they also had a shopping mall right next to the hotel sector. I have never seen anyplace like Brasilia. It gets to the point where all the building in one row, that stretches the length of the city, all have to contain buildings with three floors. Across for the three floored buildings were six story buildings, and not to mention the thousands and thousands of apartments. The only way we figured we’d see Brasilia was to do the tourist thing, we decided to take a city tour the following day. Let’s just hope what we ride in has some sort of leg room.
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Where we stayed in Brasilia
Where we stayed in Brasilia
photo by: vulindlela