Poverty and love are impossible to hide

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Back in Helsinki that evening I had a conference dinner at an amazing restaurant on the island of Klippan, while listening to Finland's best accordion player. The actual conference was quite odd, far more extravagant than a normal science conference, being a medical conference the exhibits could go beyond giving out pens. Rather it had an almost carnival feel with corny shows complete with holograms, clowns, artists doing cartoon sketches and a Photoshop booth to create fake postcards.

We had a lot of fun at the social occasions though, spending the conference dinner talking to a professors sailing crew (why not sail from Germany to Finland for a conference?). One of them was a science historian, and I was fascinated to hear that they don’t actually read any scientific articles when writing the history of science, rather they read through all the grant applications and progress reports that we throw away to work out the order that things actually happened in. It was a lot of fun to sit and talk to Germans (who were embarrassed to forget Moldova) and then go out with Nora to a very stylish Finnish bar.

Our last evening in Helsinki we enjoyed Nordic walking, watched the sun start to set from the iconic churches, then went to an Ice Bar to drink vodka.

A few charming Finnish sayings:
No one dies twice.
Sauna is the poor man's drugstore.
Poverty and love are impossible to hide.
The floor serves as the child's chair.

A few outdated Finnish sayings:
A man will marry a bad wife rather than none at all, as a starving pike will eat a frog.
Do not lend your bicycle or your wife to anyone.

A just plain odd Finnish saying:
A pig plows much ground, but it doesn't drink beer on Christmas.
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photo by: portia