Christmas Day rescue of Korean Cargo ship crew

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You can see the flames and in bottomleft you can see crew waving for help

As mentioned before on the first page of this blog, we were involved in the rescue of 20 crew members from the stricken Korean cargo ship, Hyundai 7.  The ship had been attacked by Iranian gun boats that were operating from islands in the straights of Hormuz.

We had just come off air after a live link up to the BBC back in London.  My boss told me the ship had received a mayday and we started to steam full speed ahead.  When we reached the ship it was heavily ablaze.  Our helicopter was launched and Phil, our winchman was lowered to the deck and picked up 1 man at a time.  It was a very dangerous rescue as the light was fading and nobody knew what the cargo was and whether the ship would explode.  Thankfully it was not a cargo of oil or gas.  We were assisted by the helicopter from an American warship, The USS Elrod.  All of the crew were saved and brought to our ship.  Thanfully there were not too many serious injuries. Only the captain had badly burnt legs and shrapnel wounds. 

The crew were fed and given clean clothes and good navy hospitality. The following day we took them into Dubai.

It was one hell of a Christmas day.  One I will never forget.  

I dont have pictures off this as you can appreciate its not a time to being taking them. I do have video footage that the BBC crew onboard filmed. maybe I can edit it later and post it.

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You can see the flames and in bott…
You can see the flames and in bot…
Seahawk from USS Elrod landing to …
Seahawk from USS Elrod landing to…
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