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I arrived at Cleveland Hopkins around 5pm, met up with my group, and started the flying process.  I was a little anxious about checking my baggage and security and stuff because I've never flown before and I was all by myself!  Luckily for me it was easier than I expected.  
My traveling party is as follows:
Me! - 18 and traveling without family
Amy - 16 and traveling without family
Gina - 30's, Jessica & Charles' aunt
Jessica - 15
Charles - 12
After we all said goodbye to our families, we went through security.  We were actually pretty early for our flight so I sat down and read a few chapters of the Harry Potter book. 
We all boarded the flight around 7pm & got our seats.   I'm a big fan of take-off.  The flight was only to Detroit and a whopping twenty-two minutes long.   We basically had just gotten to our cruising altitude, and then started decent.  I think whenever I need to go to Detroit now, I'm going to want to fly instead of driving 3 1/2 hours!

When we arrived at the Detroit airport, we bought a light dinner.  I was feeling pretty brave and bought sushi since I had been craving it for days.  Normally I woudln't buy sushi anywhere but from gourmet japanese restaurants where I know that the food is fresh - so luckily the stuff I bought wasn't bad.
We then went to board our next flight.  Too bad our gate number was all screwed up on our tickets!  By the time we were actually enlightened to this fact we had to sprint to the other side of the airport (never again bringing a laptop ion my carry-on..never again...) and almost missed our flight to Amsterdam.
But we did make it! 
That flight left about 9:30pm.  Amy and I were sitting in the same row with one seat between us so we had some room to spread our for the 9-hour flight.  At first we got pretzels and drinks, and then a while later (about 10:30pm eastern US time and 3:30am in Hungary) we were served dinner.   I've heard horror stories about airplane food but but dinner was actually incredibly tasty.  I got the vegetarian meal, which was a variety of cooked beans, steamed spinach, and white rice w/almonds & white raisins.    I actually crave that meals now sometimes.  Yes, it was that good.   We also had salad, cold cous-cous, a roll, and a chocolate chip brownie (organic, by the way..).   My stomach was happy.

After we ate, I tried to catch some sleep but it was hopeless.  I dozed a few times but no real restful sleep.  When my watch read about 8:30am HU time, the view was absolutley amazing.

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photo by: ErikaMont