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oh yes.  Living the dream.  So we finsihed the tour in Goa - moving from the last hotel on the tour to a small beach resort of about 10 rooms which had opened that day.  We were the first customers - so we got the twin rooms for only 250 a room (3 pounds)  split between us!! nice.

these were right on the beach and that was great - with the best continental style food we had eaten in India and the cheapest drinks at about 40pence.  But it started to rain - unfortunately when u finally get on the beach - and so we were a bit disappointed.  Stories on Goa and the weird hippies we met there (mainly ex-cons from Basildon) will follow under a seperate entry.

but anyway i got sick of sitting in the monsoon drinking rum and coke - so me and the other 3 remainders from the tour - two irish guys and an australian girl - headed up to mumbai on the plane.

  luxury.  i liked experiencing the locals on the trains and all - but the fact is 12 hours from goa to mumbai on the dirty as anything train is hell.  one hour on an airplane which put easyjet to absolute shame (we had metal cutlery would u believe for our inflight meal) was absolute luxury. 

need to get my flight to kashmir at 5am - and i have seen rush hour in india back in bangalore.  it is literally a stand still.  madness.  so we decided to pick a hotel really near the airport - 3miles away.  but this is india - and that took us an hour to get to.  it is the Ganesh festical at the moment - which made it even slower - with masses of parades celebrating the God.  the festical has been on 5 days now and lasts another 6 and has been terrorising us with closed facilities - traffic and masses of anarchist indians throwing fire crackers and fireworks everywhere.


so we pulled up at the marriott - which was in the lonely planet as about 160dollars a night.  uh uh.  we get here and it looks pretty imposing.  the taxi is stopped for sniffer dogs to check for bombs!  nice.  and the drive way is elaborately decorated with fountains and garden features which made us in our tacky travellers ware look so so out of place.  We got a room for about 250pounds.  and the night before i was paying 1pound 50!  this is an ideal example of the contrast in India.  its mad.  and the room was an executive room - so we get the most luxurious room i have ever seen in my life - with full windows overlooking the three heated lit pools arranged with in pool seating overlooking the beach.

  And we get access to the executive lunge - he kindly put us 2 doors away from it - with free drinks and food all night till 1am.  and free entry to the club.  and free slippers - which rock!  already decided to have a swim before ironing my shabby clothes and tarting myself up a bit for the executive lounge.  am here now - using the free internet with wine and cheese.  this is what i needed - a pit stop of being back to reality.  most of the ppl  in the exec lounge are english indian expats anyway.  one is breaking into Bollywood - they are from London oringinally but moved here. 

i had had bad reports of mumbai - but from the little i saw of the city - it looked like all other ones but actually a lot better than Chennai.

  Met, randomly, a girl from school - Hannah Dixon, whose mum taught at Maldon Court, in a supermarket i by chance followed  a friend into in Goa.  So weird.  She lasted 12 hours in mumbai and ran to Goa.  reminds me of my first day in Chennai!  it is a shock at first - but this hotel is certainly easing it!!

Well - tomorrow its back to the cockroach infested pound a night rooms.  but i have had good reports on Kashmir and am really looking forward to it.  Will fill you in soon! x

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