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We got off the bus at Jodhpur and straight into autorickshaws to take us to the hotel.  The rooms were nice and we spent a while getting washed and ready to have dinner.  Dinner was on the roof top of the restaurant and we could see a lovely outline of the towering Fort above the town.  However I ordered a sizzling veg dish which did not sizzle at all - so there were a few jokes and loud comments about the lack of sizzle that I was paying 10 rupees extra for!  My one rupee tip was apparently offensiove to the odd head waiter in the turban who was massaging the mens shoulders and feeding them their food?!  Odd.

The next day we wer up early and out to walk around the town and up the hill to this giant Fort.
  We had an audio tour - this is really the most advanced tourist attraction I';ve been to in India! - and it was really informative and the palace was really good to walk around, with great views looking back at the famous blue of the old town in Jodhpur.  I have included some pictures of the rooms in the palace.  I love the indo-islamic architecture and the colours they use in the windows.  Bright coloured glass reflects beautifully on mirrored floors and walls.  A lot of the architeture in the north is very similar to things i have seen in morocco.  The Mughals built a lot of it and its in typical islamic style with ways to allow the women to stay hidden in Purdah - not allowing the gaze of men to fall on them.  Inner courtyards rather than outer gardens also fit into this style.

Once we had visited the Fort - which was massive and took some time - we wandered the long way back throught the old town, quaint and calm, with many school kids - and then the busy busy market place and onto the uglier town part to eat at a local indian place with a big Thali for 50p.  They use whichever veg curry they have at the time with rice and chapati and raita and a little desert.  It was absolutely delicious.  We all had one and were all impressed.  It was nice to eat in a local place with local people and not in hotels all the time.  not that the prices were that much different - but its what i came here for, not to eat with western ppl all the time!

Then we went up to this large palace on the opposite side of the town on a hill - where the maharaja still lives with his family in a quarter of it and the rest is an amazingly luxurious hotel for 2,000 pounds a night for a suite!  Even to go in there for tea was 20pounds, which in india is 3 days worth of living.
  We had tea in the gardens and a long chat in the afternoon sun then headed back so that I could put my pictures on a disc.  memory card full already!  Then we chatted to the lady who was married to someone in the famly who owned the hotel about her life.  she had been a modern working girl in Delhi wearing jeans all the time but she decided to marry in the traditional way with an arranged marrage and move out to Jodhpur.  She liked beiing away from the city and having a family and wearing the traditonal clothes now after her youth in the big city.

For dinner I went back with some ppl for the Thali again, it was so good!  It still lived up to expectation - and the curries were different choices this time as well.
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photo by: lrecht