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We had only a short bus ride of an hour anf a half to Bharatpur - plus 4 of us and our luggage cramming into each tuk tuk to take us to some resort hotel, probably 5*, on a main road.  This is Bharatpur - home to not much as far as I saw except a dusty road of dirty street food stalls, a bus station, and some hotels along a main road - oh yes, and the star attraction which surprisingly attracts loooads of tourists, is a bird sanctuary.  This is where migrating birds form around the world come for winter I guess, although there have been fewer rains of late and its not are full of birds as it was a few years back apparently.

The hotel was super nice - with blessings on arrival - where they put a red dot of powder on your forehead - and a swimming pool etc set in nice gardens.  The first thing to notice was the excess of old people.  You know the types - with their jesus sandals and white socks and canvas shorts and polo shirts and visor caps.  Usually loud obnoxious american ones but this time they were just posh autralian old people.   We were all starving so had to share the lunch dining room with these types.  The food buffet which was all that was on offer in a mile radius was 250 rupee, which i spend on three meals a day with drinks normally. Not impressed with that!  and of course it had absolutely no spice in it for the delicate stomachs of the posh old tourists.  No offence to them or anything, we had three over 60s on our tour, but they were happy to live within the culture we were in, and not go from plush hotel to plush hotel in an air conditioned bus eating tourist friendly food and seeing nothing of real india.  heh.

I spent all my money on the lunch so relaxed by the pool instead of cycling round the bird sanctuary.  Not much of a bird spotter anyway.  I guess this is why the place is so packed with old package tourists, even though it is easily the most unintersting place to go to in India, as they are probably all avid bird spotters or something.  I have not seent hese types of groups elsewhere.

We went out later for a buffet dinner, again hideously over priced, and watched some TV in the room afterwards.  Had ET and a Robin Williams film on our much loved english language movie channel.  Also watched press conferences from the bomb blast in Pakistan a few hours after Bhutto's arrival.  Crazy stuff.  Lots of it in the news here seeing as its so close to home and so unstable at the moment.

Bharatpur was good because I got to do nothing and sit by the swimming pool to try and resolve my t-shirt tan but I was keen to get back into the India I know and love.  So we went off the Agra for the Taj Mahal - this should appease me!
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photo by: Paulovic