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Roman amphitheater on Adriatic Sea




I attended our Ireland TravBuddy Get-Together in Bunratty. Originally, I planned on spending six days in enchanting Eire before heading to Brussels for a four-day easyCruise riverboat journey ending in Amsterdam.

Arena-world's 6th largest Colosseum
However, I was informed that easyCruise’s partner handling this trip was canceling all remaining voyages.

Life has a habit of throwing us curves. I decided to turn this lemon into lemonade. I have visited a few Western and Southern European nations, but before this adventure, had never explored Central and Eastern Europe.

I was going to start and end this journey in Krakow. Fortunately, Eef (eefab) informed me that I could have problems finding a car rental agency in Poland that would insure me in certain former eastern bloc nations. She was correct.

After checking around, I found Croatia to be a place where one could rent a car and be covered throughout Europe. 

The plan became for me to roam the Emerald Isle for four days. The morning after our TB Bunratty blast, I drove to Dublin, then flew to Pula, Croatia to start this insane magical mystery tour. What began as an idea for a relaxing holiday mushroomed and mutated into the beast before you.  :-) 


Saturday, September 22 - Day 1
Pioneer from Pula, Croatia (view the Adriatic Sea on the Istria Peninsula, often called New Tuscany)
Italy, Slovenia
Overnight in Ljubljana, Slovenia - enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the "beloved" capital.

Augustov Hram (Temple of Augustus)

Party - Meet in Ljubljana at Zlata Ribaca Restaurant at 20:00.

Sunday, September 23 - Day 2
Leave from Ljubljana
Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland
Overnight in Krakow, Poland - revel in one of the world's most beautiful medieval cities
Party - Meet in Krakow at Grill 15/16 Restaurant at 20:00.

Monday, September 24 - Day 3
Get krackin' in Krakow
Ukraine, Romania
Overnight in Brasov (Transylvania), Romania - search for Dracula and other creature of the night amid Gothic castles.
Party - Meet in Brasov at Bella Muzica Restaurant at 20:00.

Tuesday, September 25 - Day 4 
Tata to Transylvania
Bulgaria, Macedonia
Overnight in Skopje, Macedonia - south side of the Vardar River buzzes with stylish bars and cafes.

Wednesday, September 26 - Day 5
Skedaddle from Skopje
Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, back to Croatia
Overnight in Split, Croatia - experience the raucous nightlife of the Dalmation coast, one of the world's most popular destinations.
Celebration Party - Meet in Split at Stellon Restaurant at Bacvice Beach at 18:30.

Thursday, September 27 - Day 6
Split Split
Return to Pula
Fly to Amsterdam via London

I want to thank those who responded with humor, great suggestions, offers of help and interest in joining this American bozo on the Magical Mystery Tour.

Sergi Arch built in 1st century
It's friends like you that helped make this "long, strange trip" a blast! As always, the most important things in any adventure was to be flexible and to have fun! The 17 countries in 6 days, became 15 nations. The only one I’d been to before is Italy and Trieste was just a hop, skip and jump off the beaten path. And anyway, who really wants to travel the beaten path?  :-)

Vriden says:
Wow did you even have time to see anything or did you spend the whole time in a car!? I thought we were being ambitious trying to see 9 countries in a month but after reading this I will feel much more confident in the face of those saying "you're crazy, its not enough time!"
Posted on: Dec 18, 2007
travelman727 says:
Noviana, you and every person nice enough to comment on this blog has an open invitation to join the next Magical Mystery Tour :-D
Posted on: Nov 08, 2007
nwintarti says:
if you have something like this planned for next time...i want to join :)
Posted on: Nov 08, 2007
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Roman amphitheater on Adriatic Sea
Roman amphitheater on Adriatic Sea
Arena-worlds 6th largest Colosseum
Arena-world's 6th largest Colosseum
Augustov Hram (Temple of Augustus)
Augustov Hram (Temple of Augustus)
Sergi Arch built in 1st century
Sergi Arch built in 1st century
Best preserved Roman amphitheater
Best preserved Roman amphitheater
1st built in timber under Augustus
1st built in timber under Augustus
Stone version completed under Titus
Stone version completed under Titus
Could accommodate 25,000 spectators
Could accommodate 25,000 spectators
photo by: Paulovic