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My second Africa experience was something so different.. Last time I was there as a leader of the team, but now I was alone. I really had time to see the country, learn about the culture and study the language a little bit. It was totally awesome trip and I'm ready to do it again, anytime.. When I have enough money for that. I was so surprised about many things in the culture.. I got to share them with you.

My first thing in Malawi was to go to northern part of the country. I was travelling about 18hours in the local bus (it cost 4000 malawian kwacha, meaning 20 euros..)to get there.. To place called Karonga. And wow, it was so beautiful. It's just in the Lake Malawis coast.

I spended there for three weeks. I was living together with some Sambian family, their roots are in Malawi. Anyways, life was interesting. Eating the local food, living in the local village and in local house, where thank God was electricity.. Atleast sometimes there was electricity. Karonga is area where they mostly speak Tumbuka- language, but you could hear them speaking also Chichewa and in that area were I was staying, they spoke Ngonde.. I remember one time when I went to local church.. They spoke swahili (pastor was from Tanzania) and it was translated to Tumbuka and then someone translated it for me in english.. Hmm, I don't remember anything about that service..It was so confusing. :D Usually when I went to church, it was in english and then translated to Chichewa, much more simple.

Food was a real experience, even though I've been there before.

Last time we made our own food, potatos, macaroni, minced meat and so on.. There I wasn't eating potatos or any other things I'm used to. I ate real Malawian food, which was good.. Sometimes. Their favorite food is Nsima. They cannot live without it, no way!! It is made from the corn! Actually it is cornflour and then you just make food out of it.. :D I don't know how you really can explain it.. I got some pictures when they are making it IN THE FIRE.. Just look at my Malawi pictures. :D Then they eat green things like green beans, leafs and so on.. But the thing is, they COOK THEM.. I'm used to eat my salad when it's fresh, so this was a big challenge for me.. And then we had beans, chicken (with bones..) or goat. I didn't eat pork, 'cause everytime I saw pigs, they were just eating shit.. Yak. And yes, everytime we had chicken, we didn't buy boneless chicken.
. No way, we bought living chicken, we killed it and we cooked it and ate it! It was good. My experience about Malawian food is okay.. It takes time to get used to it.. But using pepper and salt you can it well!! :D Haha.

Lake Malawi is so beautiful.. But being honest, it's muh more beautiful when you are in Nkhata Bay instead of being in Karonga. Everytime I went there, there was local people (guys that were 10- 25 year old) gathering around me. That wasn't always fun.. Or actually it was NEVER fun. It was bit difficult to be there alone, 'cause of course I always had some money and other stuff with me, so I couldn't go to swim so much.. But then after few times being there and being irritated by those guys, I decided to go to a place where is no- one.

. But it took so much time to find that place without anyone seeing me going there. But when I found it, I had some wonderful time of relaxing and swimming. But I also got that freakin bilharzia.. I needed to eat that medicine for it and it made me feel so bad. So if you ever go to Lake Malawi and you get that bilharzia, I advice you to take that medicine just before going to sleep.. I made a bad mistake and I took it after breakfast. And even though you don't get the symptom right away, go and buy that medicine.. If you go back to your country and you notice some problems somewhere and you don't have medicine for it, you are in problems! It's hard to get (the medicine or diagnose for bilharzia) in America or Europe.. Believe me, it's wise to buy the medicine before hand, usually it takes (bilharzia) few weeks to show up.. So. Be wise. :)

Okay.. Some more text next time. :)

idaklockmann says:
Hey Tinni. It's so exciting to read your blog - especially because I'm going to Malawi myself. I have a question about the bilharzia: you mean that if I get the bilharzia (what are the symptoms?) I should hurry to get medicine and take it before going to sleep? Or should I just take the medicine even though I might not have any symptoms?
Posted on: Feb 03, 2011
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