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I've been both, student and staff- member in a school called: "Discipleship training school" (arranged by Youth With A Mission, YWAM), but I never expected to be TEACHER!! Well, in Africa you experience and do more what you ever expected. I have been preaching few times here and there, but this was different. In Karonga there is this one place called "Youth Drop- in- Centre", where all the guys are gathering after school and during the weekends. I was helping YWAM in Karonga and they were helping this Centre. So every saturday we went there to teach those guys about God. Funny thing is that there wasn't any other girls expect me. So anyways, we were teaching them about God together with YWAM- base leader, Moses. Every week we went through teaching from the last week and then we spoke about something new.

We started by telling how God created everything that is in this world. Then we spoke about the character and nature of God, not all that in once though. I was teaching them about God as a creator. Then next week God and His love.. Well, I was there only three times, but anyways that work is still continuing there. Now Moses is teaching them about God as a Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The more he tells, the more they will get to know God. In the end Moses will ask them if they want to receive Jesus in their lives. Now they don't receive just someone into their lives, but they receive God that they know. After all this, those guys can continue the same work and start disciple other guys. I don't know if you got my point, but it really was awesome. To teach young guys about God, most of them were really excited about it! Malawians really want to know God by their hearts.
They are thirsty for more of God, but there is not enough people who could teach them. They want to have living relationship with God.. So now we were teaching this small group (sometimes there was 20, sometimes 40 people) and now those guys can continue that work. They can spread the word of God now to other Malawians and maybe even to other countries.Awesome, ha? After my first time in Youth Drop- in- Centre I met some guys.. I was so surprised about their questions.. They asked me if I was pastor!! Me, TINNI, PASTOR?? :D I was just laughing and telling that no, I'm not a pastor, but that I'm christian and that I've been teaching about God in that Centre. Then they went away. Few minutes after that some guy saw me and asked me if I was the one who has been teaching about God.. And I said yes, but this time I asked how did he knew about it?? He answered me that he had heard that from hs friends.. I found out that all the young guys knew who I was even though I hadn't ever met them before.. :D Maybe I should call myself "PASTOR".. :D Haha. (Pictures from Youth Drop- in- Centre and those guys that thought that I'm pastor..)

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photo by: tinni