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Kambalame, oh how I started to love that small village. It's in the bush and there's no shops, hotels or restaurants.. There's only few small stands where they are selling some items.. Sometimes you can find Coca- Cola from there, sometimes bread. There is small huts, school, church and some other small "buildings". I remember getting e- mails from my friend who is living in there, she told me that their first clinic was two chairs under geisâ- tree. Then they build that small clinic there. That one I saw in my first time there. In one room doctor saw patients and in the same room they got medicines. I remember that we gave them a small box of some medicines (value about 10euros) and they were so happy about it. It was a huge blessing for them. With OWM they have now bigger clinic (I was telling about it earlier) and there is appointment- room, pharmacy, store- room, laboratory- room, operation- room, toilets and rooms for ladies, men and children.

So it's bigger now, but you cannot compare it with hospitals. It's just small clinic, but really valuable. Then orphanage is almost done. So things are happening in there.

In that area I met maybe 8 men that spoke good english. There were some that spoke little bit of english, but not that many. Now when I'm looking back, I remember only two women that spoke english and they were always far away, so I didn't have any time with them. But I wasn't only Finn there, there was also my lovely friend Marianne. With her we had so much fun. When you go and visit her, it's difficult to understand how she can live there, among people that don't speak english. How does she survive? Why is she there? It's hard to understand. But when you know WHY she is there, then you will understand.

She is there to love and to tak care.. She is doing what I want to do. She sacrificed her life because of them, she wanted to see things to be changed and I know that there hasn't been even one time when she has been regretting. Things have been changed while she has been there. She is my example.

In my free time I went for walks, walking in Malawi- Mozambique border, seeing how beautiful everything was. Behind the Kambalame village there is beautiful mountains. It's amazing to wake up and see how beautiful everything is. I walked really often to see when older guys where playing football. Their team- name is also Mulungu Alinafe- the same name with that clinic. Some of the guys had football- shoes, but most of them played without shoes. Most of the times I wasn't there alone.

I went there usually with Gerrald, who is supervisor of constructors. He was one of the best players there. When he was playing, I was alone.. But not for long. All the kids cathered around me, they were starring at me, even though I was thinking that the game was more interesting than me. :D On sundays they had big game, that time other team either came to play in Kambalame or then they went to some other village.. Those times were really nice because so many people came to see the game.

Nights were really peaceful, because most of the time people went to sleep aready around 6-8 pm. It was so dark that time and people didn't have any electricity, so they went to sleep and then they woke up already 4-5 am to work in their fields. Crazy?? That's what I think. I was always outside, looking stars and listening music, relaxing.. In town you need to be more careful when it's dark, but there it was totally okay to be outside alone. Of course I didn't go far away from my room.

Kambalame is awesome place, I want to go back really soon. Love.

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photo by: tinni