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In Kambalame I got to know more about orphans in that country. There is more than one million orphans in Malawi (population is 13.1 million). It's really huge number. Kambalame is just a small village, but it's part of the Nkhulmabe- valley, where is about 800.000 people. You can just imagine how many orphans there is in that area. Many of them are orphans because their parents died for AIDS or Malaria or lighting or some other thing. We need tpo remember that Malawi is really poor country, which means that without guardian, orphans don't have a chance to survive. Some are happy to have relatives or neighbours that can take care of them, but not everyone has the same. It's really sad to see superskinny kids. We must understand that we cannot help everyone, but we can help some people.

We can do our own part. My heart is longing to go back there.. To love, to give family, to give chance, to give life.. To be voice for the voiceless.

One Way Mission(OWM), the organization I was helping and I've spoked before, has a program for orphans. There is about 150-200 orphans in the program now and everyone of them has godparent here in Finland. I also have my own godchild there. It was so amazing to see my own godchild, see his smile and see how he looks. I just wanted to take him into my arms and say how much I loved him. He is so precious to me. He has a good guardian. But some of them don't have.. Some guardians don't take that good care of them, or some of them doesn't have money even for themselves and then some guardians are already great grandparents and too old to take care of them anymore.

That's why OWM is building an orphanage there. It's almost done. Then they will take orphans and some old guardians to live there.

It was amazing to see how everything works out there. I met all the orphans that are in the program and I really appreaciate the work OWM is doing..They are giving life back to those little babies. So yes, I met all the orphans in the program. I went to their villages. We had some kind of meeting for them, where I was teaching them some songs and telling them about Finland.. We measured them so that their godparents could send some clothes for them if they wanted to, we took pictures and we painted their hand and made a handmark to a paper and then we sended them to their godparents. All the kids were excited and everytime there was, not just orphans, but all the kids from the village.

Later on I was passing their villages and they were shouting my name "Tinni.." and then they were singing those songs that I teached them. It really was something nice and amazing for them, even though in my own eyes we did nothing special. But seriously, they need love, they need someone to see them.. They need someone that gives them time.. Someone that is with them. That's enough. It means so much to them.

I was happy to see where my moneys go that I give every month. I was there seeing when they bought that food for them and gave it to those orphans and their guardians. I saw the whole process and I know that not even 1euro went to OWM.. No, they gave EVERYTHING for orphans. That was awesome.

My heart is there.. I wish to go back and share my love to them. I believe that I will move there in few years. It's my passion, my desire.

Koralifix says:
Great blog entry and very personal writing! You´re doing an amazing job, Tinni!
Posted on: Mar 10, 2009
wsquare says:
This is very touching.
Posted on: Mar 08, 2009
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