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Mzuzu. One question in my mind? What the heck am I doing in this place? After the earthquake we had only one place to go, and it was YWAM- base in Mzuzu. First we thought we would be staying only for one week, so that we would have enough time to make other plans and go to south. But we ended up staying there for three weeks. So it wasn't all bad.

YWAM people were having their holiday, so there was only one person and he didn't have much time for us. We often started our days with a prayer, what should we do now? Adn each day we had something to do. We visited in hopsital and saw many children that were suffering from different diseases, we went to two different orphanages, had some church sermons.

. And few other things.

One time we decided to do something totally different. We visited in prison. It was very shocking to see what is inside the prison walls. Small buildings, small yard, many hundreds prisoners.. They were all outside, all in the same place, thiefs, murderes.. All of them. I noticed that there were some other visitors too, but they were not allowed to come inside the walls. They brought bread and something to drink for some prisoner they knew. They had to taste everything they gave, I quess it was because they wanted to make sure that food hasn't been poisoned. I'm not sure, but I think there is no food service in the prison, but someone must come and bring food for them. I met many guys that are selling bracelets, nacklaces and paintings, well, it's not legal to sell them in the streets, like you should have your own shop or something so that you could sell them.

One time I was hanging out with those guys when cops came. Most of those guys ran away, but few stayed adn that was because we were just hanging. Those cops were really bad, treating my friends badly, yelling at me that I should be more careful with whom I'm hanging out. That time they couldn't do anything anyway, 'cause my friends had nothing with them they could sell. But one time, cops caught my friend and they put him in prison.. In that very same prison were we visited. Other guys brought him food and drinks. I just don't know how those people can manage to live in prison who has no-one to take care of them. I met many non- Malawians in prison, who is there to take care of them? I just don't know. Our visit was 1-2 hours long. All prisoners were sitting on the ground, but someone gave us chairs where we could sit down. I felt ashamed. But those prisoners seemed to be okay.
. Only one group didn't want to listen to us, they weren't christians.. We had some really nice time there, sharing what we had in mind, singing with them, speaking with some of them.. Something stayed in my heart. I saw something in their eyes and I know for sure that when I go back to Malawi, I want to visit them again.

Mmm, but yeah, we also did some other things too. YWAM base was quite new and they didn't have any place where they could burn their trash. So we decided to make a place.. We were digging the ground and finally they had a place where they could put the trash and burn them. At the same time we were levelling the ground.

Like I mentioned, we hang out with those guys who are selling bracelets- paintings and other stuff. Well, we hang out with them so much, that two of them became really good friends for us. They helped us in many things and they also came with us to Nkhata Bay- to Lake Malawi. We also visited at their home and they teached us to make some bracelets. So yap, now I make them too! :)

There were many other things that happened in Mzuzu too, but I will write about those things more.

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photo by: wiese