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After being three weeks in Blantyre, I went to this wonderful little village called Kambalame. It means little bird. Well, this Kambalame is the village where One Way Mission (OWM- mission organization from Finland) is doing their work. There is Marianne who is Finnish and she is married to Mac, who is Malawian. This village where they are living, is just normal African village in the push. But God had a great plan for this village or this area. Marianne and Mac got an idea of building clinic and other things there, but they didn't have possibilities to do it by their own. So they asked from two different mission organizations from Finland if they are interested of helping them.

Just before asking, OWM had this vision to start building a village, start doing work somewhere in Africa.. And then Marianne and Mac called them, without knowing anything about that vision. So, they prayed about it and both sides felt that it was from God.

So now, Mac and Marianne are missionairies in that Kambalame- village, they have organization behind them who is supporting them, not just financially.. OWM sends teams from Finland to Malawi once or twice in a year. In those teams there are always nurses, sometimes doctors, teachers and so on. They teach local people with clinic- stuff and in other things. So, now they have clinic there and they are almost finished with orphanage. They have planned that in that orphanage there should be about 70-100 orphans living.

There is lots of orphans in that area, or in whole country.. Or continet. Clinic services are free for everyone there.

That area where Kambalame and other villages are, is called Nkhulambe- valley. It's not just Kambalame- village that they help, it's the whole valley. Kambalame is near to Mozambique- border, so they also have work in Mozambique. And they have this God child program there, where is now about 150 orphans and all of them has God- parent in Finland. God parents are supporting those orphans monthly. With that money they buy food, mosquito- nets and blankets for those that are in the program. All the moneys goes to orphans. They help handicapped also. There is different kind of workers, constructors, doctor (actually he is medical assistant), handicapped workers, orphan workeks, laborant, cleaners and so on.

Sounds like a lot of work in there..? Well, it's not that easy. They have had a lot of problems, caused by the goverment and other people that are jealous. Even the head of that valley is jealous. She was asking a big amount of money for herself from the work these people are doing.. It's sounds stupid and that's exaclty what it is. These people, Marianne and Mac and OWM people are doing everything for free, they are helping this area.. But people are jealous and people think money.. It takes a lot of money to do such a work and it would be impossible without God.. Only because of Him these people can do all these things there. It's only because of God. They start their everyday by worshipping God and praying for Him. For everything is possible for God. Amen? Next time I will write what I was doing in this village. :)

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photo by: tinni