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In my first visit in Malawi I met one famous musician (cannot spell his name though..). He told me about this festival called "Lake of stars". So when my friend told me that this festival would be in there when we were in the country, I decided to go there, no matter what. It was quite funny to try to find place to sleep and transportation to the place.. First it seemed that nothing works out. But we decided to go to some safari- office to ask if they knew anything about it. Good things happen.. The lady with who we were talking, was also going to that festival, so she asked if we wanted like to travel with her. She also called to the place were she was going to stay if they had any free rooms.. And they did! That was a huge surprise, because that small place, Salima, was full of people and all hotels, hostels and lodges were already full booked.

So then next day we started our journey, about five hours driving. One guy, Matt (who is from US) also came there. So these people, they were really nice but still I started to feel bit queasy. I'm not used to travel with people that I don't know well, actually this was my first time. So there I was, quiet and shy, sitting in the car with my friend and two strangers. Dang it. They started to ask why I was so quiet and I remember that I was trying to explain how I felt shy to speak english with them because they all had better english than me and I didn't wanted to be misunderstood. They were trying to cheer me up and everything and I tryed my best to have fun with them. You have no idea how good I felt when we were finally in our lodge and I was in my room, or in OUR room.

That was something else I faced that I didn't like. I have known my friend for few years and we are really good friends, but we are different sex. So I started to feel really bad.. I knew that I cannot sleep at all during that weekend, even though I trusted my friend and even though we had own beds. It's just me.. When I was young, I decided not to sleep with guys in the same room.. Until I get married. So now I was there and my mind was saying that I was doing something against my values. I didn't say this to anyone. Just few minutes later Matt came and asked if I would like to switch rooms with him.. So that guys would share the room and we girls would share the room.. Okay, sounds good, but I DON'T KNOW THAT WOMAN and I didn't know which was better, to share room with my friend who was boy or share room with stranger who was woman.
When Matt explained why he asked me to do it, I said yes. That woman is married and Matt is not her husband.. So they also felt bit queasy. Now everyone was happy.

So so so. Then we went to the festival area. I've never been to the festivals, so I didn't know what to expect. I realised right away that this was something so "far away" from me. So even though I know that many people loved that festival, I cannot say the same thing. Propably that was my last festival. I enjoyed some music there (especially TayGrin) and lake was really beautiful, but still I was feeling haunted. Most of the people I saw were drunk and they were drinking even more. Many guys came to speak with me asking if I was interested of going for a walk or to see where they were sleeping.. No way, I'm not stupid. I don't say that it was all that, but I cannot really say that I was enjoying either. I met some nice people from UK, US, Finland and Mozambique with who I was hanging out. I realised that it wasn't good to be alone.. Well. Now I have experineced festival.

But like I said, many people love that festival. This was just my opinion.

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photo by: tinni