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Being in Blantyre wasn't as easy as we had thought. Our contacts couldn't offer as much to do, so we had to make new contacts with people out there. We happened to meet one South African family- who told us about different programs and ministries there is available for us in the town. They were a huge help for us. Actually- they even took us to live in their house for that week we stayed in Blantyre. We had some great time with them- enjoying South African meals, stories.. Living with them was like a luxury to me- hot shower, nice soft bed and food which wasn't just nsima, rice and beans with green leafs. :D

Ministry that we had was also very different to the other ministries we did.

First we went to this place called "kwacha vision". We had plans to be with kids- but as soon as we got there- we realised that those people were not kids- they were teenagers and young poeple. So, we had to be spontaneous with what we had to offer them. Most of them couldn't go to school because of lack of money, so they were volunteer workers in kwacha vision. They learned about Hiv/AIDS and then went to different schools and villages in the rural areas to teach people how to protect and to be aware of Hiv/AIDS. They showed us few dramas they had made and then tehy told us what they actually tell people about this virus. Well-- Hiv isn't a big problem in Finland, so I must confess that I have really small knowledge of it. But anyway- we decided to tell them how important it is to stay pure till marriage. Some might say that this is very old school- but I still believe in it. There are good reasons to stick to one partner. Okay, well I'm christian, so it affects a lot, but also if you think, you will come to understand that having many partners can increase the possibility to get different viruses. Anyway-- after sharing our thoughts, we were just hangong out with them and it was actually quite fun.

We also prepared lunch for them--- nsima and some sauce. It was fun to learn how to cook malawian food! :D

Afternoon we had some time to play with kids finally. Yes-- there were few kids also. It's always so encouraging to me when kids are so honest with what they feel and it is so easy to make them feel happy again.

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