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I was in Kambalame for 5 weeks and in that time I got to know people quite well. Even though I couldn't speak with them so much, I was hanging out with them. Especially kids, I loved being with them. Just play something or look pictures, whatever. Everything was so nice with them. One kid, Junior became really close to me. He was only 5 years old. When it was raining, we went inside the clinic- building (my room was there also). We took pictures, we laughed, we sang and he just wanted to be close to me, be in my arms. There were times when all the kids nearby came to play basket- ball. Whole village was there to look that came. I remember going there also. Junior saw me right away and he ran into my arms, he has the most amazing big smile that I've ever seen.

But he was jealous. When I was hanging out with some older guys, he showed his jealousness. It just made me smile. I tryed to teach him english and he tryed to teach we chichewa. Oh how I miss him now. He was so sad when it was my time to leave.. He couldn't come and say even byebye or hug me.. He was just standing there, with sad- face.

In my first time there I saw this little guy, Hassan. He was bit mentally disturbed and it seemed that he was living in his own world. As a nurse who is specialized mentally disturbed people, I started to like him right away. He wasn't like all the others. There was something in him that I just liked. Now when I went there one and half years after I heard that he has moved away, but not far. So one time I went outside to speak with my friend Moses. he told me that Hassan is here. I was trying to look that where is Hassan, but couldn't see. Then suddenly I saw this boy running towards me with big smile in his face. It was him! I said his name and he came and gave me a big hug!! I asked if he remembered who I was and he said that I was the girl from Finland and he remembers me. He wasn't living in his own world anymore, he was more like others now.. It made me almost cry!! So much had happened, in the positive way.

I could speak about everyone, but I think these two stories are enough now. They really touched my heart.

Koralifix says:
So many big smiles - lovely pics!
Posted on: Mar 10, 2009
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photo by: tinni