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I wish travelling would be more easier. I'm in love with Malawi, so I wanna go there often, but sitting in the airplain or airports is not my thing. I cannot really sleep well in the airplain and then sometimes waiting for the next flight is so long, that you would like to sleep in the airport, somewhere under the stairs or in the seats, but I'm a person who is too affraid to even think about sleeping in the airport. When I'm in the airplain, I always tie up my handbag to my feet, so that no- one can come and steal my moneys while I'm sleeping, or IF I'm sleeping, which doesn't happen that often. Like if anyone would try to rob me in the air. :D Haha. Maybe I'm just bit paranoid. I don't know why, but I'm just extra careful in the airports and airplains, even though those areas or places are under high- security. Hmm.

Anyways. Travelling to Malawi is freakin' long. Well okay, I know that it can take even more time to travel somewhere else, but thank God I'm not interested of travelling those places. :D I wish travelling from place to another would be reallyreally fast. Just like going to a ladies room in Finland and in few minutes come out in ladies room in Malawi and that's it. :D But it isn't like that.

Everytime when I'm going there, I have conflicting feelings about it. Last time I was superduper excited while I was in Finland and in the airport.. I was like yeah, this is the day I'll be flying to Malawi and spend there few months again and it's gonna be cool.. But then when we were landing in Ethiopia, I found myself thinking that what the heck am I doing?! I was just watching out from the window and seeing all those trees and that sand and.. What?? Tinni, do you really wanna go to Malawi? I was sure that I was making a huge mistake. But thankfully it went over.. In Malawi, I was back in the normal and I enjoyed breathing that air and seeing all those people and taking a taxi from Lilongwe airport to a city and then right away travelling 6hours in the bus full of local people.. All those smells and that awesome feeling. :D I felt like being back in the home.

And then.. Going back to Finland. Well, in a way it was nice and lovely.. To go back home and see my family and have some finnish bread and going to warm sauna and snow and everything.. But I missed Malawi already then. Mmm. I know that when I go there next time, I will have those same thoughts, like is this really what I want.. But just like last time, I will realise that yes, this is it, when I hear them saying: "Welcome to Malawi, Takulandirani!".

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