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I’ll be going back to Malawi in the end of this year and I’m already really excited about it. My friend who is leading one school, asked me if I could lead a team to Malawi and after few days I said yes. It’s so exciting to take a team with me and show them how life looks in Malawi. It’s like practical training in other country. It’s challenging to be a leader, because it means that I need to arrange everything we do in that country. Well, it is so good that I have some contacts there already, so it’s not going to be a problem at all.


I met my team just few weeks ago and as I asked them to tell me how they think Malawi looks like, I realized that their picture was so wrong.

They thought that whole Africa is dry and that there is mud huts all over, no cities, no banks, no stores, wild animals everywhere and people don’t have normal clothes at all.. Meaning that they would be almost naked. It made me laugh.. :D Seriously.. No clothes, mudhuts..? Oh my goodness. So there is a lot of work to do with my students. :D (By the way, there is mud huts and huts made from bricks, but it's not all that..) Haha. Well, I showed them some photos I have taken and I also showed them few videos from youtube and they were maybe bit embarrased when they realized that their picture was so wrong. :D I just wanted them to have a realistic picture of Africa before going there, so that they wouldn’t be.. Dissapointed? I know, it’s sounds silly that they would be dissapointed.. But hey, seriously, if you think that you’ll see only mud huts and then you enter a city in Africa, I think you would be bit dissapointed by realizing that things are not like you thought they would be. So, it’s good to be realistic.


I’m so excited of going back. I know that we will spend some time in Blantyre, which is the biggest city in Malawi, but we’ll be going to small villages and to bush- villages aswell. I want them to see many faces of Africa. We will see rich people and people that are living in poverty. We will eat in nice restaurants and we will aslo eat local food by sitting in the floor and using our right hand as a fork. We will be in a dry places and we will swim in Lake Malawi. I’m so excited that they will see the country I love. I can’t wait to show them all those colours, to eat local food, to listen some nice african music, to learn chichewa, to see people dancing in the church..


We are going to volunteer as many places as possible, in different clinics, orphanages and other places. We want to serve Malawians. I’m happy to go there and just hang out with kids, to share my time with them and just to love them. Wish I could be there already.. <3


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