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Hmm.. Remember that it's your choice to read this or not.

I am used to say bathroom or girls room when it comes to this small room where toilet is. So now I was in Malawi, asking where is bathroom and where did I found myself? Showering room where was no toilet. Hmm, let's take it again.. "What I ment to ask was that where is toilet?". :D That toilet was quite okay. There was a toilet- seat, without that middle thing, whatever cover it is. Usually I wouldn't use that kind of toilets, but hey, this time I was living there for four weeks and I had no other options.. I covered the porcelain part with toiletpaper and sat down. I had my own Finnish toiletpaper which I was really thankful. It was already dark when I got there and all the stores were closed and all toiletpaper was used by that time already.

My friend didin't share this luck with me. He was staying with some other people and he forgot to take toiletpaper with him.. In that family they used newspapers instead of using toiletpaper.. Well, it's cheaper. Anyways that toilet was quite good.

The second place where I stayed was bit different. There they had outhouse. No toilet seat, nothing.. Only hole in the ground. So you actually needed to "squat" there. It was bit dirty, but I have seen places more dirty than that also. When it became dark I didn't wanted to go in there. I had my flashlight with me and I hated everything I saw in there. I was so scared using it. One night I woke up and started walking towards that outhouse. I shouldn't drink that much water in the evenings, I know.. But anyways.

. I was just going to open the door when I heard some voice.. I pointed my flashlight towards that voice and I almost found myself screaming there.. Cockroaches!! How much I hate them! So I went back to my bed, without using the outhouse. Then few minutes later I heard how one small girl woke up and went to the outhouse and then came back..? OMG!! How can she do it..? She is so much younger than me? She is so brave! Next morning I was just laughing at myself. Everytime when it was dark and I needed to use outhouse, someone went there before me to drive those freakin' cockroaches away. One time I decided to go there and be brave without anyone going there before me.. That time there wasn't any cockroaches.. But.. When I lighted down to the hole with my light, I saw something even more discusting!! MOUSE!! Small mouse running over.. Well over poo. Yacky.

After that everything felt so good.. Toilet with whole in the ground but with water and toiletpaper and.. :)

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