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Every month One Way gives food out for orphans and handicapped that are in their program. It takes the whole day, but it's rewarding. It was great to be part of that day. Everyone that is in One Way- program, will get some nsima- corn, rice or something else. They also get some blankets, mosquito-nets and some other stuff. Money comes from godparents that are from Finland. It's only 20- 30 euro per month, so it's not even much.. But with that money, one family will get all these things.. So the help what they get is huge. While I was there in Kambalame, I had one opportunity to be part of this big "giving food out"- program. They carried everything to the clinic and then one family at the time came in and they got what they needed. Usually if you say to them that hey, lets meet at 1 p.m. they are not in time.. Sometimes they come hour- or hours- late.. But not this time. No no, now some of them came maybe 3 hours before we even started! :D And it really took the whole day to give that food out. Sometimes there is a problem to get food, because if the rains have been strong and fields have been destroyed, it means that in the end of the year corn and everyhting else can be 4 times more expensive than in the beginning of the year. It's crazy, ha..? Without that help that One Way is giving them, that village would have seen much more death. So I cannot do anything else than just appreciate what they are doing.
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photo by: tinni