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After having some time in Nkhata Bay, we decided to move on. We took a bus and travelled 12hours to Blantyre. Finally in Blantyre we were all very tired, because it was really hard or difficult to sleep in the bus as it was the seats were very uncomfortable. But this time bus didn't broke.. :D Something good atleast.

But this time Blantyre was very hard for us. My friend who had told me that we could stay with him, but then we found out that he was just trying to cheat us. So, we stayed first at the Big Brothers questhouse. It's located in town, so it was very easy to us to move anywhere from there. We visited in different places, but there was no-one who needed any volunteer work or then the same thing happened- people just aksed for money.

But, then we met pastor Sam, pastor with whom we had done work together in my first trip. He asked us to meet with his south-african friend and when we did, he took us to his home and we stayed there for free. They were such a nice people- and as they were white south-africans, it felt like being back home. Hot shower after many weeks, nice food- something else than nsima- and real mattresses.. And internet. And real coffee. And.. I could continue this forever. :D

Pastor Sam helped us to find some people also with whom we could do some work. We stayed couple days at the orphanage, two days at the ”Kwacha vision people”, visited HIV- group and then joined local YWAM as they were doing ministry with children in different parts of Blantyre. So during those days we travelled a lot with minibuses and saw Blantyre quite well.

HIV- group was very interesting. Those people that don't really have much hope, gather every week and share how they are, but not only that, they encourage each others and pray together. So when we went there, I didn't meet people that were unhappy, but happy. I shared few words with them and then we sang together, prayed.. And those people were satisfied. I did nothing great, just few words, but it seemed to enough. They wanted our presence, they wanted us to accept them. They just needed love and friend.

Kids ministry with YWAM was succesfull. We made a play from the Noah's arc and children where part of it too.. I mean some of those kids, 'cause they were so many.. :D After singing and drama, we went outside to play. We were about 70 people first, but when we reached the football field, we were more than 200 people.. Mostly kids, but also some adult. We had decided to play some football, but as you can imagine, it's very hard when there is so many people. But we had two footballs with us, so we just made another game. And we had so much fun! I would do that again whenever! :)

In Blantyre we also found a place where we could buy GOOD ice-cream. Mmm. I don't remember the name of that place anymore, but we visited there every day. :)

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