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Yes, oh my.. I did it! I bought the tickets! :D It has been really hard to get excited without the tickets.. It's not inspiring to know that you are going but actually not having the tickets yet. So, today I bought the tickets (with really good price) and my journey can start.. Well, not yet, but soon! :) I'm so frickin' excited! It's not going to be even expensive because I can live with my friends! :D I wanted to buy the tickets so that when I come back, it's my birthday. I'm not usually celebrating my birthdays, so this is just really good thing to me! :D

Last time when I was there I went to Times Square Church to meetings most of the time, but now I have this dream to go to Brooklyn Tabernacle. I have heard about it and I have been listening their CD nd that is so frickin' good that I wanna hear it and SEE IT! :) They have something like 300 members in that one choir! Wow, I have to see it! I have no idea where it is, but I will find my way there. That's one thing I know for sure! :) Brooklyn Tabernacle, here I come!

There is also one store I have decided to go! 99 cent store!! :D It's so good! Actually I think that there is one really big one just 50 meters from the place I live. :) And of course I want to buy some peanut butter cups as we don't have those in Finland! Well, I don't even like those.. But it's something so american! :D And yes.. ICE CREAM! Mmm, what can I say!! Oreo is really popular cookie in States and that with mixed Ice cream is like perfect mix. :D Nestle, thank you for making such a tasty ice cream! :D

What else there is.. Oh my! I don't even remember! It will be so good to go there and see everything again! but as I have said previous.. It's a city where you will see LOTS of things and I have just seen one small part of it! :)

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New York
photo by: herman_munster