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Hmm, do I smell it allready? Oh yes, frickin' yes!!  Even I saw lots of things last time, I know that  there is lots on unexpected things. I haven't seen even small part of it yet. I'm so happy that I can go to see Staten Island again and on a way there I can see Statue of Liberty and think again what it really means?? Does it mean anything? Is there a peace in New York? No, that's what we all know but atleast it's beautiful statue to take pictures of. I'm so happy that I can go and live in Harlem again.. I see the places I've been. Especially I'm happy that I can do something than just be. I'm going to help some ywamers in their projects. What it means? Doing something with teenagers, maybe something with homeless.. And with peoples that are just living there. I can go and make same silly things in subway again.. I can be free. :) It's so funny that there, in one CITY, is more people than in Finland. :) I've met people in NYC that has been asking that what is Finland, is it some new store? And when I say that it's a country in europe they've been asking that what is europe. :D I've met so many different kinds of people in there.. It just so funny! :) That's the place I will go.. :)

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New York
photo by: herman_munster