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Me & Irene (We meet on the bus on the way to Puerto Viejo)

Having flown for free my whole life under my dad (who worked for Continental), the concept of paying for a plane ticket I'd yet to grasp. So as my 26th b-day was approaching, the day in which my free wings would be clipped, I knew I had to make one last run...but to where? I felt like all my friends had been to CR and had wonderful things to say about it, so in order to validate my worldyness, I had to go. My planning and preparation wasn't perfect, and I wanted someone to go with, but it wasn't in the cards, and it turned out, that was meant to be. So off to Costa Rica I went... by myself.

After much drama, I landed around 1am. Found my way to the hostel which I prebooked on the net, Costa Rica Backpackers, for $9/ night!!  I didn't want to waste any time so I booked myself a day trip to San Lorenzo to go zip cording the next day.

My Life's Mantra!
Amazing doesn't describe the experience. The bus ride alone, talking to Micky from Israel, two best friends from Tennessee, and an family from Atlanta, it was refreshing. When we started the zip cord  tour, I remember screeming as I flung from tree to tree, sometimes reaching 50 mph! The blue butterlfies, the Holler Monkeys, the VIEW! I remeber thinking to myself. How random, me the 25 yeard black woman on vacation in Costa Rica by herself...hmmm but that's what I do.

When we returned late that night I ran into a girl that was on my flight. Ellie from Canada. I told her about my plans to visit Arenal the next day and she decided to book a day trip with me. That day was one of the most exhillerating days of my life. Aside from watching Arenal erupt right before my eyes, we also visited the hot springs, which were shamefully my favorite part.

The hot springs were what I needed, I was more relaxed and grounded that day, that I had been in a long time. There we were two girls with a language barrier, hiking off trail to find water falls, swimming in 90 degree pools, taking silly pictures, drinking at a poolside bar and dodging enormous bumble bees trying to sip our pina coladas. THAT is life. We had an enourmous dinner and a long long ride back home. En route, a sleeping man flung forward when we hit a bump and fell on his face on the bus. I missed it, but Ellie's uncontrollable laughter and her attempt to tell me the story in her borken French/English, made it even more bananas and for a good 20 minutes we laughed so hard we cried on a bus full of people who had NO idea what was so funny. Ahh I think that was  one of my favorite days on this earth.
The bathroom at Rocking J's haha

The next morning we parted ways...Eli off to work on WOOF (World Org. of Organic Farmers), and me to finish doing me, yoga and beach time on the east coast in a little town called Puerto Viejo. I boraded a bus that I figured would be about $30 since it was a 4 hour ride, I get to the bus station to find out its about $9 one way San Jose to Puerto Viejo! The road was long and windy and we stopped halfway to get snacks etc. I saw a girl who reminded herself of that I mean she looked as if she could be Cape Verdean. We wound up in the restroom and I could hear her speaking portugese I said 'Ah Falas Portugese'!!! She was so excited. I learned she was Angolan but close enough.

She and her husband were on thier honeymoon. When we arrived in PV, we hitched a ride together in the back of a pickup truck, to what I have decided is the best hostel on earth...Rocking J's. I slept in a hammock in a treehouse for $3/night. It was the best sleep I'd had in a long time. I could hear the waves crash on the shore just yards away and music playing at the night spots downtown zzzzzzzzzzzz. I woke up, I was refreshed....I went jogging, swam, and got ready for my massage. There isn't much better in life than a massage table parked at the shore and the sound of the ocean soothing you as every knot in your body is reduced to nothing...again, life is good. I spent the rest of the day at yoga, walking through town and admiring its Caribbean culture. I sat outside, wrote post cards talked to strangers, hung out with a Rasta.
Words to live by! ideal day by the beach I must say. I spent the next few days doing the same in Puerto Viejo...just hangin out, relaxing...enjoying serenity. Rocking J's bar became my place to read  fashion magazines in Spanish, eat great food, have sangria with every meal and meet amazing people and hot Canadian surfer boys. ohhh la la.

My trip ended on a rainy day back at Costa Rica backpackers where the thunder and lightening were so bad it knocked our power out. Me being scared of the dark, this did not make for a fun last day. So I hailed a ride into the city and meet dad's friend who'd retired in CR for dinner. We laughed and he told stories about me when I was little. I used an internet cafe and once the rain stopped I hoped the power was back on and went home. The next morning I was back in line at Continental flying back the hustle and bustle of adult life, though I was refreshed renewed and really excited to tell everyone about my trip...

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Me & Irene (We meet on the bus on …
Me & Irene (We meet on the bus on…
My Lifes Mantra!
My Life's Mantra!
The bathroom at Rocking Js haha
The bathroom at Rocking J's haha
Words to live by!
Words to live by!
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