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Oki, so I admit it. I did not meet Mr. Dracula in Romania. But I have still a lot to tell.

Yesterday we left Mangalia and tried to figure out what to do other than relaxing at the beach.
We ended up taking a microbus (=crowded Romanian mini-bus) to Constanta. There we went to the train station and bought a 1. class ticket to Brasov in the mountain. We really wanted to see the so called Dracula castle in Bran.

We waited and waited for the train, and when it came we found our seats on 1. class. 30 degrees celsius outside, and NO airconditon.

The train was really old, and everytime someone flushed the toilet we got all the odour.... We shared the cabin with a Romanian family.

I wonder what travelling on 2.class would be like. 1. class was not what I would expect of 1. class in other contries. It was spacious, but old. The only aircondition would be the open windows.

Travelling by train is a great way to see how people in the country live. You see them along the railway tracks with their horses, cows, sheeps living their life. They use horses instead of tractors and their life is so far from the life we are used to.

After some hours on the train we started to talk to the Romanian family. Only the 15 year old could speak English, but the whole family was so excited to be able to meet us coming from another contry. Especially to meet my husband since he is from America.

It was also great for us to have someone to talk to, and learn more about the Romanian peolple and their culture. After 8 hours on the train we finally arrived in Brasov. We had to leave our new friends, they still got 5 hours to go untill they got to their destination.

We jumped in a taxi at Auto Gara 1, the trainstation in Brasov. After reading Lonely Planted we had decided to go to Bella Muzica downtown Brasov.
Unfortunately they didn't have any double rooms availible, so we ended up with a much more expensive junior suite.
The room was great, and the hotel very nice. We had a great dinner at the hotel restaurant. The food was great, and the staff very friendly. The atmosphere, was also perfect for a night out in the mountains.

The next morning we headed out of town. We wanted to see Bran castle. The so called Dracula castle.

We took a taxi to Auto gare 2, and from there we catched a bus to Bran. The bus was old and the driver even older. It was noisy, unconfertable but cheap. And after about 40 minutes we arrived in Bran.

The castle was very beautiful, and it is worth a visit. But the whole Dracula thing has gone totally wild. There where tons of souvernir shops all over the place. (Not direcly at the castle, but close by)
I was expecting a small medevil town, with cosy streets but it was not like that at all. The castle was very nice, but the town around had not charm. We headed back to Brasov, a few hours in Bran was enough.

Now I am sitting here at an internet cafe waiting for a train back to Mangalia. I have to say that I don't look forward to another 8-9 hours on the train. But hopefully we can sleep since we are travelling at night time. And we are lucky to not have to deal with the heat...



festerwretch says:
Brasov was great ... I loved it!
Posted on: Aug 19, 2007
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