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Parrots in flight
Further down the river today!

We all woke up with dawn at 0600, hours before we were expected to but felt rested. Sleeping in the hammock wasn't entirely successful, but it was good enough. The animal life was very energetic in the morning - green parrots flocking and squaking in the trees - whenever I approached with my camera they would screech and fly off to a different tree.

I was buzzed several times by hummingbirds but they moved far too quickly to get a picture, even when I ducked behind their favourite clump of bird of paradise flowers! Apart from the birds there were more frogs (these ones jump!) and a locust on the edge of the camp.

We set off after 10 o'clock and spent about 10 minutes going down river, stopping for a short walk. We walked along with a good view of tepuis. There was plenty of insects - 6 inch wide blue butterflies, dragon flies, and I found a praying mantis. As well as small flying things there was a much larger one - the remains of a plane that crash landed in the 60s during the last gold rush and was abandoned, only for it to be stripped bare for reuse by the local indians.

Moving on down the river we stopped at a Pemon indian homestead and plantation for growing Yucca (not what we call Yucca) - very interesting but it seems like a difficult job. We had some fermented Yucca juice to drink which tasted interesting - quite sour. We moved on and had a simple picnic lunch in another shelter.

Unfortunately the rain then came on really hard. Even in my jacket I got totally soaked and my daysack got drenched. The drybags in my holdall worked extremely well - definitely worth the investment! The rain stopped just as we moored for the night, giving us a lovely view of Veitepui.

I got up to go to the loo at one point during the night - there was definitely something stalking outside the camp, and howler monkeys somewhere in the trees. Both a bit larger than the centipede I found on my mosquito net!
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Parrots in flight
Parrots in flight
Angel Falls
photo by: siri