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I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas so it is always a special trip when I return to my home, but this trip was definitely more important than previous trips to Dallas. My good friend, Jeremy, accompanied me this time and we had a blast while we were there. Jeremy and I stayed in my parent's home while visiting to cut down on the overall cost of the trip, but we were welcomed into their home with open arms so there was no discomfort for either of us.

[Saturday] After a long drive and a few hours of sleep, Jeremy and I woke up and immediately developed a plan for the day. I rarely get to see my parents since they live 1,300 miles away (my fault) so we took my mother shopping through the afternoon and then met up with my brother and sister-in-law for lunch. Thank God for really hot waiters. After spending some time with the family at home that night, it was time to show Jeremy the club scene in Dallas. We drove to the Oak Lawn neighborhood and I took him to JR's and S4. There wasn't much to say about JR's, but S4 blew him out of the water. He is from Orlando and lives in Jacksonville so he had never seen any club quite like this one. His favorite part was the fact that they had clean and decorative restrooms...I have to agree though. While mingling with old acquaintances, we continued drinking...go figure. As the night ended it was time to drive all the way across the city and return to the house. We slept very well that night.

[Sunday] More shopping, more food and then a night with the extended family. After that much family experience, it was then time to hit the bar scene again. I swear that I am not a drunk. We went to JR's, had way too many drinks and then paid a surprisingly small bill after the bartender had flirted with me in the men's room and failed. I would have expected the tab to have been unusually high, but we were thankful either way. A very special thank you to Jacob from Oklahoma...I won't lose your number ;)

[Monday] Jeremy and I are also coworkers and we visited some of our counterparts that work in Dallas for lunch that day. I also showed Jeremy around Downtown Dallas and we had a blast regardless of the heat. Afterwards we returned to the house and then spent the evening with my parents. Out for drinks again, but I don't remember the rest.

[Tuesday] HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Dammit...another one. COFFEE!!! Between the birthday, the hang over and the coffee, we decided to hang out at the house all day and watch movies/tv. I did treat Jeremy to something very special that he cannot get in Jacksonville though...Jack in the Box...yes, it's fast food, but well worth it. When my parents returned home from work that evening we all went to Gloria's Restaurant on the lake to celebrate my birthday with amazing Salvadorian food and lots of margarita's. We are certain that the margarita's were at least 90% tequila each. We then walked around the harbor and headed home for a good night's rest.

[Wednesday] Jeremy and I left for a night in Austin, Texas - See the next blog for more details.

[Thursday] Jeremy and I woke early in Austin, Texas for a three hour drive back to Dallas. Upon our arrival we showered and went shopping with my mother. We do that a lot if you haven't noticed. After a long day of shopping, we had dinner, picked up my cousin's two little girls, headed to the harbor, boarded the boat and then attended a concert on the lake. The music was not as great as I had hoped for, but being on the boat with my family made it worthwhile. After we returned to the house we decided to drink a lot and stay home. Jeremy was tired of driving all over Dallas so I allowed him to make the decisions that night. It was still a lot of fun.

[Friday] More shopping? YES! After another full day of shopping at Ikea and Stone Briar Mall, we headed to the store to assure that everything was ready for my birthday party that night. Now it was time to clean the house, prep the food, call the friends that had not responded to the invite, set up the chairs...crap I was exhausted. Time rolled by quickly and everyone started showing up. I was jubilantly happy to see some of the friends that I had not seen in a very long time, but sad that my best friend was not able to fly down form New York to celebrate our birthdays together. As the night passed, I saw that everyone was enjoying themselves and the night ran as smoothly as it possibly could have. I should have gone to bed earlier though.

[Saturday] Another 16 1/2 hour drive home followed by a bottle of wine and a god days rest.

GREAT trip!
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