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Although I had traveled to Louisville prior to this trip, the thrill of getting to re-experience the city was overwhelming. My best friend's sister has lived in Kentucky since her days in college and this was my third trip to see her; however, this was a special trip. I received a late night phone call months before explaining that Linda was engaged and to marry a wonderful man. I could not pass up the opportunity so I drove twelve hours for an experience that I will never forget.

[Friday] The morning that I arrived was exhilarating, but I was exhausted from the long drive. I was able to sleep for a few hours before waking up and going to have lunch with a client that is based out of Louisville. After lunch was over I headed to Linda's house and spent hours with her family and friends. Whether it is your family or not, family is family and it was time for a night out on the town. I do not remember the rest of that night, but I am sure it was fun...or at least I am told it was fun.

[Saturday] Coffee? Yes please. Back to Linda's house to spend more time with her family and friends before the wedding rehearsal. After a long drive in the heat without air conditioning, we finally arrived at the wedding site and it was a beautifully landscaped building with a large balcony overlooking a drop through the hills. It was now time to escape the heat and return to the cooled house were the swimming pool was made useful. More family? No thank you. It was time for another night on the town and I do remember the rest of that night...and the new "friend" that I made.

[Sunday] Coffee? Yes please. It was time to get dressed up and stand in the blaring sun while Linda tied the knot. Although the heat was unbearable, it was well worth the temporary suffering to watch a close friend add someone new to our lives for the rest of her life. Afterwards, we all returned to the places where we were staying for a quick shower, a wardrobe change and more coffee...yum. My best friend and I then headed back to Linda's house for more family and friend time before the reception. After a few details were straightened out, we all jumped into our cars and headed to the camp site that was connected to the wedding location for a wedding reception cook out and camping night. I did not stay to camp and my best friend was too tired for another night on the town so I went out alone. That is the night that I met my new friend, Scott. He lives here in Jacksonville, FL now, but we had a blast at a club called Connections that night. The next morning Scott, my best friend and I showered, got dressed and drove into Indiana to have lunch at an Italian restaurant called Rocky's. Great place to eat if you're ever there. Afterwards we explored Louisville, joined Linda & her new husband for dinner and headed home for a night of rest because I was leaving the next morning. My best friend fell asleep, but I was to sad over having to leave to get any sleep so Scott and I talked all night. I did finally fall asleep.

[Monday] Sadness filled the old shotgun style house as I awoke to finish packing for my twelve hour drive home. My best friend, Scott and I said our good bye's and off I drove to the nearest Starbucks. I was on the highway as quickly as possible and my trip was over when I arrived back in Jacksonville that night.
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