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God I've waited so long to fill in the text for this night that I've probably forgotten a good percentage of the details.  On the positive side, this fuzzy memory gives me some license to make stuff up, which I will try to keep to a minimum.  So the short version is, if you are in Japan and can catch one of these parties (check out for info) I highly suggest you do so.  The party was a great time and I met all kinds of people there who were looking to meet people from around the world.  The club itself was pretty cool, it was a fairly standard dance club that had these interesting cave-like mini-rooms where you could go and have a better chance of hearing the people you were talking to.  The club also had a really cool VIP room upstairs that was accessed via a fake bookcase that opened up to a set of stairs.  Sadly, due to Matt's lack of cell phone preperation, I was not able to see the mysterious VIP room, but more on that in a moment.  The details of the specfic people I met are lost to my bad memory and the fact that I was drinking somewhat heavily, but I do remember meeting these 2 very attractive Japanese girls who spoke damn good english, some girl who actually lived in the town that I went to college at back in Maryland, and other random worldly people.  I got to the point where I became tired with talking to new people, because most of the conversations ran along the same lines - how long have you been here?  why are you here?  where else have you been, etc. that I started speaking spanish to the Japanese girls I was meeting to see if I could carry on a conversation in a language that I am barely fluent it.  Much to my surprise, I found it easier and more fun to talk in Spanish than in english.  This was going well until 2 people from Spain happened to walk by my cave and heard me speaking my shitty Spanish.  They came in to the cave and started saying shit to me that I couldn't possibly understand.  I had to give up my ruse and I told them that I actually don't know Spanish for shit, but it worked out well because they only spoke broken english, and with their broken english, my broken spanish, and this Japanese chicks broken english I was able to foster a pretty interesting 3 way conversation between all parties involved.  We talked for a good half hour the Spanish couple split and were replaced by this small white dude who was obviously American.  He was wearing a tank top and just had that American look about him.  He walked in and introduced himself and immediatly started running game on the girls I was talking to.  Now I wasn't really mad because I had not been running game on them, but instead had been amusing myself by pretending to only understand Spanish.  This guy was very amusing because he was running classic game on these girls, like Neil Strauses Game game.  I read the book so I was able to immediatly recognize what he was trying to do.  I found this interesting and began to talk to him about his methods, and at some point Matt, who was out getting phone numbers left and right came in and joined us.  He too is familliar with the game and knew what the guy was up to.  The time at this point was approaching 5am, and American game man and Matt and I convinced these girls to go do some Karaoke with us.  This night started at 7pm, and I was still feeling strong, which made me quite happy.  We found some nearby Karaoke place and spend about an hour singing Jim Morrison and Johnny Cash and other hits.  The girls were damn good singers.  Mr. American game man was a cool guy but he couldn't sing worth a shit.  Matt was a surprisingly good singer as well.  Myself, when I get into a Karaoke situation I become very serious and try to nail each song I pick, and in my seriousness I was pretty much ignoring the girl I was sitting next to, which seemed to want to make her work extra hard to get my attention.  She kept touching me and shit, which was fine, but I really was too focused in my Folsom Prison Blues to care.  Mr. American game man picked up on this and I wonder if he thought I was doing it on purpose to make her work for my attention, which would be a classic game move.  I wasn't and none of us went home with anyone other than the people we started the night with.  Post-karaoke, Matt and I had some shitty breakfast somewhere and then hopped on the train to head home.  I got to bed that night at 10am the next day, which I thought was pretty fucking awesome.  Now what was way way way less awesome were the text messages that Matt got after he charged his phone up back at the homestead.  His friend Justin, who is like the Wilt Chamberlin of getting ass had found his way up to the VIP room with 6 Phillopino chicks that he had hooked up with a few weeks earlier at some beach (for the record, this is not something I am just making up.  This is very real, as was my dissapointment when I heard about the messages).  Justin was furiously trying to find Matt and I so that we could come up there and hang out with him and the 6 wimmin and whoever the else he had wound up with.  Turns out, while up in the VIP room he had met some dude whose job was to be a sort of "resident assistant" at an apartment building that housed models that were working and living in Japan on a temporary basis.  They were all housed by their agency in this one building, and this guy just had to live there and take care of whatever crap they needed fixing or what not.  Needless to say, Justin worked his way into that building and did not leave for 48 goddamn hours.  He texted Matt from the room, and texted Matt from the building, and we did not get any of these goddamn messages until the next evening, at which point it was far far too late to partake of the magic.  One can only imagine how incredibly frustrated I was.  Matt didn't help by saying "man, I never let the battieres die in my phone.  I just forgot to charge it today".  After beating my head into the wall repeatedly, I decided that it was best to just move on, which I think at this point, 3 months later I finally have.  This blog entry has been quite cathartic, and I thank you for sharing in my healing.  So the party was great, the drinks were free, the people were cool, and I did not end up in an apartment building full of hot russian and eastern european models for 48 hours.  3 out of 4 ain't bad.

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photo by: yasuyo