Stomach rolling air pockets over Lake Geneva!

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A word about British Airways and Manchester Airport: Arrive early!! Our biggest and really only mistake was not being super early for our flight. British Airways does not reserve your seats when you book your flight, but assigns them to you when you check in the day of the flight.  Unbeknownst to us, we were the last to check in so we were not able to sit next to each other but had to take the only two seats left. To most people this might not have been a problem but for me who is terrified of flying this was a major setback! The knot started in my stomach followed closely by butterflies and a minor panic attack.  I began to really dread this flight!!!!

Going through security also proved to be anxiety ridden. I just happened to be lucky number 10 in line at the security checkpoint (this seems to be a disturbing habit for me on my trips!!) and had to dump all of the contents of my carry on as well as my purse onto a table where a woman- who was very nice, I might add- proceeded to go through every item, and swabbed the interior of my bags for possible drug residue- thank goodness I hadn't spilled any aspirin in there as the white powder from the crushed pills would have been very suspicious and I really don't fancy being taken aside to the "special" room.

After a quick breakfast we plopped ourselves down, got out our guide books and waited for our flight be called.

The plane ride to Rome was quite eventful and if I wasn't already taumatised by not being able to sit next to Daniel I would have been by the turbulance over the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva. Suffice it to say, the plane dropped, my stomach was in my mouth and the ladies in the back of the plane screamed! Now, if you ask my boyfriend he will give you a different story. He will tell you it was exciting and he doesn't remember the ladies screaming, but trust me it happened and it was made worse by my neighbor's elbow being firmly embedded in my side the whole time! I was sooooo happy to see Fiumicino Airport coming into view that I could have cried!

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photo by: klaaRA