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ha, ha! alas I was doomed to bad holiday hair!!

So we left Sheffield by coach to get to Manchester for our overnight stay before embarking on our exciting trip to Rome! I had zero expectations of Manchester, just as I had none for Sheffield, so I was pleasantly surprised by the location of our hotel. It was in a quiet residential area, with lots of trees and a restaurant or two. I didn't book the hotel so to be honest I have no idea what the name of it was or even the area of Manchester that it was in, but what I do know is there are some nice parts to the city. The coach had to go through some of the more undesirable areas on the way to our hotel but since we never got off the coach it wasn't a problem for us.  I can't give an accurate review of Manchester the city because we never actually went into the city proper, but I can say the people we met were lovely, the pizza was yummy and the coach drivers, pleasant!

Here I think I should pause and share a word about electrical appliance comptability. I bought all the necessary adaptors for my hair dryer and curling iron thinking that I would be perfectly fine- ensuring that I would have good vacation hair and therefore not be completely embarrassed by my holiday photos! Well I did not account for the fact that being a hairstylist my blowdryer is of professional quality and a higher voltage than standard consumer blowdryers. I neglected to tell this to the lovely salesman that helped me get the correct adaptors so after my shower in Manchester I prepared to dry my hair by plugging it into the adaptor and then plugging the adaptor into the wall socket. What a beautiful light show! If I wasn't terrified about starting a fire in the wall I would have enjoyed and even admired the blue sparks coming out of the wall socket when I turned the blowdryer on. Before I could really react all of the lights in the room as well as the television turned off and we found ourselves in the dark, in silence with only the light coming from the bathroom to guide our way. I, of course, promptly turned off the blowdryer, unplugged and mourned it, thinking I had just sent it to it's early grave. So there I was: in the dark and doomed to bad holiday hair!

Oh well, we needed to make an early night of it anyway! With no television to distract us we went to bed early to make our 5 am wake up call to catch the coach and then plane from Manchester to Rome!

euphemy says:
That sounds like what happened to my friend on our trip to Ireland. Her blow dryer blew up as soon as she turned it on!:)
Posted on: Sep 03, 2007
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ha, ha! alas I was doomed to bad h…
ha, ha! alas I was doomed to bad …
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