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steep hill in Lincoln

Lincoln is a beautiful city- but I have to admit I barely remember anything positive because for some reason it was just a bad day. It  started off with a long train ride from Sheffield (I can't exactly remember how long). I was starving and tired so the day started off on the wrong foot all together.  We arrived in Lincoln and proceeded to walk towards the Cathedral with high hopes for a good day.

The Cathedral is located at the top of a very steep hill so before we tackled the road we decided to eat lunch. We couldn't agree on a place to eat so after disagreeing on everything we decided to just get a pre-made sandwich from Boots. Well of course they were out of the particular sandwiches that both of us wanted, so we left a bit peeved but not totally downtrodden- that would come later!

Lincoln Cathedral is gorgeous and huge from the outside.

Lincoln Cathedral seen from Lincoln Castle
Daniel had been really excited to show it to me- as he had fond memories of visiting it before. Before we even had a chance to enter the Cathedral we were reprimanded by an employee of the church because we were having trouble with the door. It put Daniel in a poor mood as the woman was so rude! Then we found out we had to pay to see the inside of the Cathedral. Daniel and I are both of the same mind that churches and Cathedrals should never charge! It's fine if they want to ask for a donation that is voluntary but to charge admission to a church?!? So we turned tail and walked out in a huff!

All was not for naught though! We ended up going to the Lincoln Castle located across from Lincoln Cathedral. We happily paid our 1 pound admission and to tour the grounds,  prison and see a copy of the Magna Carta! But first we decided to check out the cafe to finally get something to eat.

Observatory Tower at Lincoln Castle
I get so grumpy if I haven't eaten anything! Of course they were out of everything either one of us wanted!!!  So we ended up with small snacks that just kind of took the edge off of hunger. So I have to say I didn't give Lincoln Castle (or the town of Lincoln for that matter) it's just due because I was grumpy and hungry the whole time (oh and the whold head hitting incident which I'll get to!)!!!

We walked to stairs up to the Observatory Tower to get magnificent views of Lincoln Cathedral and the surrounding countryside. On the way up there were amazing views from the little windows in the Observatory Towers that gave you a clear view of the Cathedral and beautiful little yellow flowers growing out of the top of the wall. I think I was so distracted by the view from the windows, the darkenss of the stairway and my hunger that I fully stood up before I'd completely cleared the doorway and proceeded to whack myself a good one on the top of my head!!! It was quite painful and further ruined my day.

View of Lincoln Cathedral as seen from one of the windows of the Observatory Tower.
Daniel hadn't seen it so he didn't realize the force with which I hit my head so we went about our business checking out the castle grounds while I complained again and again of my head hurting! I of course got mad at him for not being sympathetic- poor guy!!

I tried my best to forget my injury as we toured the rest of the grounds. The places I remember the most was the stairs up to the Lucy Tower, the  Prison Buildings and of course the Magna Carta! The steps up to the Lucy Tower (so named for Lucy, Countess of Chester in the 12th century)  were many and steep but worth the climb. Another amazing view. I have just read that in the Victorian era this area in side the Lucy Tower was used as a burial ground for the convicts.

That is the Prison cell block in the foreground, Observatory Tower and Lincoln Castle in background.
It was a very interesting place and I remember at the time being confused as it's existance  because it's not that large of any area and I didn't know it's original purpose. After the Lucy Tower- which Daniel did not climb up to, deciding that the steep stairs weren't of interest to him-we went into one of the prison buildings. It was interesting to see the inside and how it had been preserved but also to see the Prison Chapel. When you enter from the back of the chapel you see rows of pews with wood partitions that kept the prisoners isolated in their own individual pews on either side of the central stairway. I have just read that the prisoners also had to wear hoods over their heads to further isolate them from their fellow prisoners.

After messing about on the pulpit for a bit we went to the Magna Carta Exhibit.

Me, standing at Lincoln Castle right after I hit my head (with a very fake smile!), with Lincoln Cathedral in the background.
The copy of the Magna Carta located in Lincoln Castle is one of the four contemporary copies from the original. This copy is said to be from 1216 and signed by King John himself. It was an amazing exhibit and a highlight of the day for sure. Unfortunately I have no photos as I seem to remember they weren't allowed.  It is so amazing to see a piece of history right in front of you! Especially one that changed the course of a nation!

After touring the Magna Carta I asked Daniel if we could head back to Sheffiled early as I just wasn't as charmed with Lincoln as I was hoping and had no desire to stick around any longer. Again this is because of my head- I was horribly tired which I am positive means I had a concussion. Daniel agreed as he was in no mood to stick around either and we headed to the train station for our long ride back to Sheffield.

Daniel in the prison building at Lincoln Castle
I would like to give Lincoln another go as my first experience was so negative. I'd like to go back with a new perspective and really drink in what it has to offer!- But alas there are new places to see!

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steep hill in Lincoln
steep hill in Lincoln
Lincoln Cathedral seen from Lincol…
Lincoln Cathedral seen from Linco…
Observatory Tower at Lincoln Castle
Observatory Tower at Lincoln Castle
View of Lincoln Cathedral as seen …
View of Lincoln Cathedral as seen…
That is the Prison cell block in t…
That is the Prison cell block in …
Me, standing at Lincoln Castle rig…
Me, standing at Lincoln Castle ri…
Daniel in the prison building at L…
Daniel in the prison building at …
Daniel messin about in the pulpit…
Daniel messin' about in the pulpi…
Me walking up the steps to the Luc…
Me walking up the steps to the Lu…
Her Majestys swans, Lincoln.
Her Majesty's swans, Lincoln.
photo by: Vikram