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Reading departure signs

In some big airports

Reminds of the places I’ve been…


I think about Paris

When I’m high on red wine

I wish I could jump on a plane…

~ Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, Jimmy Buffett


Well it’s cold over here

And I swear, I wish they’d turn the heat on…


Well I decided that

I’d get my cowboy hat

And go down to Marble Arch Station…

~ London Homesick Blues, Jerry Jeff Walker


As I walking down Grosvenor Square

Not a chill to the Winter but a nip in the air...

~ Scarlet Begonias, Jimmy Buffett



Anyone who knows Beth and me knows how much we both like music.  In preparation for our trip to Europe, we naturally loaded our iPods with lots of songs for the various flights and train rides.


Listed below is a sampling of songs on Randy’s specific EuroTrip playlist.  The songs on the playlist either mention a specific location (city, country, region) we’re visiting or are about traveling in general, or they are from movies about traveling or movies set in the places we’re visiting.


Here is a partial selection of songs included in Randy’s EuroTrip Play List:


Holiday Road, from the movie Nation Lampoon’s Vacation

London Homesick Blues, Jerry Jeff Walker

All the Rage in Paris, The Derailers

He Went to Paris, Jimmy Buffet

Rock Me Amadeus, Falco

Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile, David Allen Coe

Jet Airliner, Steve Miller Band

Copenhagen, Robert Earl Keen

Last Mango in Paris, Jimmy Buffett

Scotty Doesn’t Know, Lustra (from the movie Euro Trip)

As Time Goes By, from the movie Casablanca

Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon

Never Tear Us Apart, INXS (music video filmed in Prague)


* this entry was drafted on the EuroStar between London and Paris, and uploaded in Paris.

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Just as we were becoming fluent in British, we done went and switched countries and languages.


We arrived in gay Paris today. 


We took the EuroStar train from London to Paris, and it was quick, easy, and pretty efficient.


Our hotel is about a long par 5 from the Louvre.  After we checked into our room, we took a stroll towards the Louvre.  We thought we’d go ahead and get advanced tickets for tomorrow so that we wouldn’t have to wait in line (or as the British say, que up).  As we were reading an informational sign, a nice couple walked up to us and gave us their tickets.  The nice lady said they had extra tickets and she’d already been through the Louvre, so she gave us her tickets (which we gladly accepted).  


A few friends advised us to skip the Louvre and now we know why.  We arrived mid afternoon and the place was jam-packed with smelly people.  We couldn’t stop and enjoy a work of art or painting without someone bumping up against us, rushing us.  We ended up grabbing a map and plotting a course of action.  We identified what we wanted to see most—Mona Lisa, Hammurabi’s Code, Venus de Milo, the Egyptian section, etc—and set out to see those pieces of art.  In addition to the crowds, the sheer size of the Louvre is overwhelming.  So many pieces of art.  So large a place.  We could easily spend a week in there, but we managed to see all our wish-list pieces in a couple of hours. 


By the time we were finished, it was raining outside.  We stopped at a kiosk and bought an umbrella and headed out to find a place to grab some grub.  Twenty steps into our trek Randy became soaking wet, so we headed to the hotel to change into dry clothes.      


So, here we are at the hotel…watching football (i.e. soccer)…checking email.  We’ll likely stay close to the hotel tonight if it continues to rain.  There’s a pub next door and we’ll likely grab dinner there and hopefully catch the big match tonight—England vs. Germany.  If the rain does let up, then we’ll likely head out to see the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower.  Either way, we’re still on vacation…in Paris, France.  Life is good.

CutroneTX says:
Thanks for the update! It sounds like a superb trip so far. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Paris. So romantic!

Baiser de Baiser!
Posted on: Aug 22, 2007
photo by: Sweetski