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An interesting take on a Western-style bathroom
Russian food and I do not like each other. It is difficult to order from a menu you cannot read, and even more difficult to find a vegetarian meal. I've learned that saying either "borshch" and "macaroni" will give you a meal without meat, but even this is not always guaranteed. One time I ordered a plate of macaroni and quickly devoured it. I ordered another immediately afterwards in the same cafe, and it had hunks of meat all over it. Perhaps they took pity on me and thought I needed some scraps?

The reason I am writing about the food is that it has taken its toll on me. Some days I can't get enough energy for biking from the meagre options available for me to eat. On top of that, I think I've been moderately dehydrated, which makes it very hard to take in dry camp foods such as oats or bread.
A very flattering photo to show how great I felt
It's become clear that because of the lack of energy, I am moving too slow and holding the others back. We cannot reach the border in time at the pace I have been going. So, I decided to part from the other two and let them continue at a faster pace. Knowing they had little other choice, they agreed and together we sought out a bus station in the remote Russian town of Gusinoozersk, halfway between Ulan-Ude and the border.

While waiting for a bus with a luggage rack on the roof (for my bike), we attracted a lot of attention amongst the local kids. Some were polite enough, but others obviously enjoyed calling us names we did not understand. A couple of them even swiped two of my bungee cords when I was loading my bike onto the bus. I angrily confronted them with my limited Russian (basically, repeating 'Where? I have! Where? I have!' and pointing to the remaining cords). A nearby adult understood what was happening and forced the kids to return the stolen items. I managed to get one of the back, but they played dumb about the other. Consider it a souvenir, you punks.

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An interesting take on a Western-s…
An interesting take on a Western-…
A very flattering photo to show ho…
A very flattering photo to show h…
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