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Beijing is the most capitalist city I've ever been to

After more than a month's rest in Beijing, it eventually came time to leave. I had gotten used to wearing a coat and gloves indoors, but it will be nice to visit someplace warmer. I am headed to the south of China for some long-anticipated biking. I've dragged Rusty Jr. halfway around the world and only clocked a few hundred kilometres so far. It would be a shame to not do a bit more biking before I go home in December. I will be doing a solo trip through the mountainous Guanxi and Guizhou provinces, between the cities of Kaili and Guilin. Hopefully the Mandarin Mama has taught me will help me get by!

Some more highlights and lowlights of my days in Beijing:

-Visiting the "underground city." Quite boring actually as most of the rooms are blocked off and you just have to believe the sign when it tells you there should be a hospital behind the wall. Myself and another Canadian made it a bit more fun by exploring the "off-limits" parts a bit. We unscrewed a lightbulb from the proper corridor and took it with us down a mysterious dark blocked-off corridor, screwing it into the sockets there to get a better view.

-Biking up to the Olympic park. Although the buildings look quite cool, the heavy pollution surrounding them totally ruins the effect.

I've really enjoyed my time in Beijing. I hope to come back again soon! But for now, I'm heading south.

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Beijing is the most capitalist cit…
Beijing is the most capitalist ci…
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