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Turtle Rock
I rode back the 65-80 km from Terelj to Ulaanbaatar on Friday (no one seems to know the real distance). I had an offer for a ride to the city from my tour company as soon as they finished some meetings in the village. I said I would start off toward the city and meet them on the road. I made good time and when they finally met up with me en route, I was already within sight of Ulaanbaatar. Being so close, I declined the offer of a lift and continued onward. Maybe I should have accepted, because even though the terrain was not difficult, the city traffic made it horrible. I spent 10 minutes or so trapped behind a city bus, breathing the fumes from its tailpipe. I had a coughing fit for half an hour afterwards.

Since returning, I have been making my plans to leave. I am eager to get out of the city now, as the weather is getting colder and China beckons. I will be travelling with Zack and Sally by train to the Mongolian/Chinese border, where we hope to find a bus to Beijing. Since we each have a bike, we decided to reserve all four beds in a first class cabin and bring our bikes in there. We have been told that this is possible, but we'll see what happens. I'm not eager to ship my bike in the baggage car after having to wait so long for it upon arriving here. Last night, our final one in the city, we went to a Western-style pizza restaurant and splurged on pizza, beer and ice cream. They had a foosball table and Zack narrowly beat me in an epic match.
nathans_maw says:
Cool guy.....Your blog is on the relatives site of facebook so everyone can follow your progress.....keep safe and keep on writing....even some people at work are following your adventures
Posted on: Oct 19, 2007
sylviandavid says:
loved this blog.... we were so disappointed that it stopped... we'll come back later and catch the rest... good job.... thanks for sharing. sylvia
Posted on: Oct 18, 2007
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Turtle Rock
Turtle Rock
Joe Camel
Joe Camel
photo by: Biedjee