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I crossed the bridge that divides mainland China from Hong Kong and stopped once again at an information desk. I told the guy there of my troubles and he was very helpful. He called the HK phone number I had been given and asked about where the shipping warehouse was. I thanked him and once again boarded the train to Kowloon. My destination was Hung Hom station, the very first place I had checked for the bike today. I arrived, crossed the street to the warehouse and showed my paperwork to the staff there. The lady took my papers, stamped them (a good sign), and led me through the maze of boxes and crates. Then I saw it! Rusty Jr., safe and sound, hanging out between some boxes. A huge smile crept across my face. I might just be able to get out of here today!

I carried Rusty Jr. back to the main train station, unloaded all my luggage from a locker and mounted it on the bike. I hopped on and began pedalling. I got a bit lost trying to take a shortcut through a university, but eventually I found my way to Nathan Rd, the main drag in Kowloon. I rode north as fast as I could, since my time was very short. Only a few hours until my flight! The roads were definitely not pleasant to ride on, with buses zipping in and out and the British-style left-side driving. But I have ridden in several world cities now and I am pretty comfortable in crazy traffic. Hong Kong may be dangerous to bike in, but it is nothing compared to Ulaan Baatar!

I eventually made my way to the Flying Ball Bicycle Shop, by many accounts the best bike shop in Hong Kong. The staff there were very helpful and sold me a box for a hundred Hong Kong dollars. I frantically dismantled Rusty Jr. and shoved him in the box, not even having time to clean the dust that had collected on him. The shop ordered me a cargo van to go to the airport and I loaded Rusty Jr. and all my panniers into the back. The driver was a nice guy and we chatted on the way to the airport. Turns out he used to race bikes himself back in the day. I was feeling much calmer now that everything appeared to be under control.

The driver left me at the airport and I found my way to the check-in desk. The lady there told me I was overweight and would have to pay extra. I was expecting this, considering that I had a giant bike with me. I asked the price, and she told me it would be several THOUSAND HK dollars. After three months on the road, I no longer had this kind of money, so I told her I would repack my bags. I scampered off and spent half an hour taking all my heavy stuff and putting it into one pannier, which would be my carry-on. The cheap canvas bag I had bought in China to hold my camping equipment had also ripped, so I spent some time taping it shut again. I brought my stuff back to the check-in and reweighed it. I was still a little overweight, but she let me go through without paying, perhaps sensing my desperation. I can't believe both I and Rusty Jr. made it!
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