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Great full day! We awoke in Akyeri, said goodbye to our 3 Canadian and 4 S. Korean friends, admired the famous Cathedral, and ...

drove north to the whale watching capital of Husevik! The North Sailing team did a beautiful job and we saw so many whales! And they were so close! The grand finale was when one humpback whale near the boat rolled over on his back and started slapping his tail on the water right near us! He slapped his tail probably 20 to 25 times! Unbelievable! I have been looking for whales for years, including an aborted near disaster trip in Nova Scotia, and this was the first real experience! Incredible!

Then we drove 45 minutes to Godafoss waterfall which was spectacular! There we saw Patrick and Julian, from Austria, who were on our whale watching tour!

Drove to the Lake Myvatn area and picked a random campground on the hill overlooking the huge lake, and guess who were there? Patrick and Julian! Ha ha!

We cooked dinner in the enclosed picnic table and cooking stove area because of the amazing swarms of blackflies that we met in person this evening.

A biker from France (blog attached), who biked the ring road in three weeks, said we were lucky that most of the blackflies were gone today!! OMG! It sounds like rain hitting our windshield! And they swarm around you trying to get in you-we bought head nets immediately from the camping registration desk!

We met many friends at the cooking area, as this is like a hostel environment (most visitors camp) and everyone shares advice and tales of the road. Most people are going counterclockwise -only Patrick and Julian are going clockwise like us.

But wait! It is only 9:30pm and the natural Hot Springs famous in the area are open until midnight! So we visited the Mytavn Nature Pools and meet practically everyone in the pool because it is not very crowded at that time of night and mostly campers are there. I met a delightful gal from Atlanta there who we will hopefully see again.

Lots of fun! Gorgeous lava pool overlooking the ocean with an 11pm sunset behind the mountains! Possibly an even better experience than the Blue Lagoon! (and 1/3 the price!)

It's past midnight and we have popped up our tent on the Jeep roof and scrambled up to close the windows before those bugs get in. We may be sleeping with these head nets on!

Not a drop of rain so far! We've been very lucky.

Another beautiful day in Iceland! (Pics are in 2016 Iceland album- I must've written too much as no pic add option!)

Iceland 2016- Day 5 Pictures:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/G36F5A5807UWutZ73

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photo by: sandraljoska