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It's called Grand Duchy for a reason - it's grand! Ever so small yet so powerful, in the heart of BeNeLux is this gem of a country draped with culture and history through centuries. For the tourist, besides the capital city, there's the proximity to the rather low key areas of France and Germany that are the selling point. I wouldn't by any means call Luxembourg as a must-see-before-you-die attraction, but it's got its own appeal, and definitely made for a great little break.

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April 30th, 2016Luxembourg, Luxembourg
May 1st, 2016Luxembourg, Luxembourg
May 2nd, 2016Metz, France
May 2nd, 2016Nancy, France
May 3rd, 2016Cochem, Germany
May 3rd, 2016Trier, Germany
May 4th, 2016Clervaux, Luxembourg
May 4th, 2016Vianden, Luxembourg
May 4th, 2016Esch-sur-Sure, Luxembourg
May 4th, 2016Bourscheid, Luxembourg
May 5th, 2016Echternach, Luxembourg
May 5th, 2016Luxembourg, Luxembourg
May 6th, 2016Luxembourg, Luxembourg