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Queen Victoria and Prince Albert chose this tiny island south of Portsmouth as their summer house and their rural retreat, with the Queen herself stating that she'd never seen anything more beautiful than this. Well, I'm no Royal, but nearly 3 centuries later, I can attest to every word she said. I spent 4 days on this island and got to take in its weather, coastal walks and experience the history of Britain's most popular royal resort, Osbourne House.

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April 23rd, 2016London, England
April 24th, 2016London, England
April 25th, 2016Bletchley, England
April 26th, 2016London, England
May 5th, 2016London, England
May 6th, 2016Portsmouth, England
May 6th, 2016Shanklin, England
May 6th, 2016East Cowes, England
May 7th, 2016Alum Bay, United Kingdom
May 7th, 2016Carisbrooke, England
May 8th, 2016Wroxall, England
May 8th, 2016Godshill, England
May 8th, 2016Ventnor, England
May 8th, 2016Sandown, England
May 9th, 2016London, England
May 10th, 2016London, England