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Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight - holiday home of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria

Folks on this site who follow my blogs will hardly be surprised at another of my UK trips. In the last 10 years alone, I've managed nearly 20 trips across the pond and am always left wanting more. Not only wanting more, but just "more" - there's so much more to see. So over the years, I've started focusing on one particular region to visit and spend my time there.

The choice this year was somewhat surprising - the Isle of Wight. Not that it's a bad place or anything, infact as I write this blog on my final full day on the island, I'm beyond thrilled  I made this decision. But for a lot of foreign travellers, this isn't exactly their first choice. But I wanted to choose a base that would keep me interested and occupied enough, but not be so choc-a-block of attractions that I'd be running from pillar to post hoping I'd tick all (or most) of them off my list and then be disappointed if I couldn't.

The chairlift to see The Needles, top attraction on the Isle of Wight
I wanted a place where I could happily retire to my room around 7pm and not feel guilty that I was "wasting" the rest of the day. I wanted a place where I could relax and not spend the post-dinner hours planning the next day's agenda. Isle of Wight not only ticked on all of these criteria but as I'd visited it myself a decade ago, AND a friend of mine visited herself recently, I was convinced that this is the place I want to visit.

I also had a couple of days in London, and one of those was spent visiting Bletchley Park, a place I wanted to go to from the minute I saw the movie Imitation Game. The park overexceeded expectations in every single way.

Like I do always, I've attached photos that summarise this trip on this prologue entry, with details to follow in the coming entries.

cotton_foam says:
Congrats, Vik for this featured blog! I am not surprised (in a good way okay?!) :)) Your writings are descriptive and down-to-earth, that's why I like reading it. Will catch up later...
Posted on: May 30, 2016
spacedoutcat says:
I used to go there camping many teArs ago as s child. I have actually lived in Portsmouth for the last 18 years so have popped over three times in that time. It is a lovely place and is generally very quiet and laid back. It has a reputation in the UK as the sort of place people go to retire when they are older.

Glad u enjoyed.
Posted on: May 30, 2016
amudha_colaco says:
Congrats Vik on being featured! As always, made a great read.
Posted on: May 30, 2016
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Osbourne House on the Isle of Wigh…
Osbourne House on the Isle of Wig…
The chairlift to see The Needles, …
The chairlift to see The Needles,…
The Needles
The Needles
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