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Florence's mother in Kaneshie Market.
Who knew that America was a 15 minute taxi ride from our apartment in Accra? On Sunday we decided that we couldn't stay in the compound and watch 80,000 movies for the third day in a row. So we went to the Golden Tulip Hotel. Everyone there was an obruni. We laid by the pool in fantastic weather and drank pina coladas from the poolside bar and then ate lunch and had chocolate fondue. SO GOOD but mildly overpriced.

Sunday night was NOT like America. Krista (one of my roommates) went to the Alliance Francaise and saw this African drumming group play and went and talked to one of the guys after the show just to say she liked it, and she met this guy named Louis. Louis of course gets her number and calls her and says he wants to set up a bonfire.
"It's all for you" "I want to do it for you to welcome you." This is not unusual. Usually Ghanian guys just want your number to call you and chat and just be creepy in general. But Krista decided that it couldn't be THAT sketchy since there were a lot of us (which only ended up to be 6). So we head off expecting a bonfire on the beach.

That is not what it was. We get to the Artist's Alliance which during the day is a market-like place that caters to obrunis and sells arty things. It was night. There were no other obrunis there. And we werent in the tourist part. We were in the shanty town where all the artists live. People were sleeping on benches outside and other random places. So we walk for about ten minutes through this shanty town that we could have absolutely no way found our way out of.

Then we get to Louis' shop and the entire band is there and they put on this DOPE performance and light a bonfire. They played for about two hours and lit a bonfire. The guys are so awesome and nice. A lot of them are from francophone West Africa, so Ani showed off her Frenchness and I tried to throw a few words in here and there. I think I really want to get back into becoming fluent. But yeah they weren't sketchy at all and they're like so protective. A crowd of people came out and hung out when they started playing and they all danced. Then, as per the norm, they forced the obrunis to get up and come dance as inevitably happens when we're there. I hate this part. A lot. I have accepted that I am white and will NEVER be able to move like and African.
There are two exceptions to the white girls can't dance rule. I am not one of those exceptions.

Then today we tried to find this Ethiopian restaurant, but no one knew that it existed so we gave up and ate Indian food instead. It was delish. Oh and Friday Krista and I spent the day at Kaneshie Market. We met this girl named Florence who had been to university and was so smart and nice. She was working at her mother's sewing stall. We also went into this gold shop and talked to the women there. They thought we were hilarious and either wanted to buy Krista's hair to make a wig or thought that her hair actually was a wig. Then the same woman tried to marry us off to her brother. (This is not uncommon. At all.) There's pictures from the band below.
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Florences mother in Kaneshie Mark…
Florence's mother in Kaneshie Mar…
There are give of us in the backse…
There are give of us in the backs…
photo by: qophys