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Tour de Persian Gulf and heading back west!

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January 28th, 2016Dubai, United Arab Emirates
March 14th, 2016Manama, Bahrain
March 15th, 2016Manama, Bahrain
April 17th, 2016Manama, Bahrain
April 19th, 2016Manama, Bahrain
April 21st, 2016Manama, Bahrain
May 18th, 2016Manama, Bahrain
June 20th, 2016Manama, Bahrain
June 30th, 2016Suez Canal, Egypt
July 1st, 2016Limassol, Cyprus
July 2nd, 2016Larnaca, Cyprus
July 3rd, 2016Limassol, Cyprus
July 4th, 2016Paphos, Cyprus
July 4th, 2016Limassol, Cyprus
August 7th, 2016Norfolk, Virginia
August 10th, 2016Virginia, United States
August 13th, 2016Alpharetta, Georgia
August 14th, 2016Dahlonega, Georgia
August 15th, 2016Dawsonville, Georgia
August 19th, 2016Ellijay, Georgia
August 27th, 2016Norfolk, Virginia
September 11th, 2016New London, Connecticut
October 10th, 2016Norfolk, Virginia
November 24th, 2016Biloxi, Mississippi
November 25th, 2016Gulfport, Mississippi
December 11th, 2016Gulfport, Mississippi