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TravBuddy - 101

TravBuddy - 101: The Definitive Guide
Part 1: Introduction

This may be a rather ambitious undertaking for a blog, but I have felt for some time that this website needs some sort of guide to using it. My main motivation for writing this is for the purpose of helping new users get started, navigate the site and become part of the community more easily. As a new member myself nearly 8 years ago, as I write this, I simply took example from others by trial and error and eventually learned my way around, but it took some time. After a couple years of using the site I had learned a good deal, but I thought even then that there has to be a better way. I continued to discover new things about this site in subsequent years up to the present, and think this is a good time to write them down. Afterall, TravBuddy celebrated a 10 year anniversary in 2015, so what better way to start a new blog in 2016 than to give back to the TB Community what I have recieved in my 8 years here. This blog is not just for the TB novice, but seasoned members may gain something from it as well as in going from the basic to the more advanced. I've learned quite a few interesting things about this website along the way and will share them here. My hope is that other members will share their knowledge and experience here too (novice and seasoned member alike). It's not all just about navigation and knowing how things work, but there is an underlying philosophy here on TB , and some social interaction dynamics that I hope to bring out as well. This will be very much a 'work in progress' project when I can develop it over time and hope it will come out in some coherent way that is a benefit to all members - new, seasoned or in between.

\\// ~Spocklogic

E_equals_MC2 says:
Thanks Brian for your wonderful and informative blog post. Was unsure about joining this site about an hour ago. Not having found any reliable reviews or articles in my google search, was on the verge of calling it a night when I stumbled upon your blog post.

Joined up and can't wait to share my travels with the community but more importantly, to communicate with fellow travelers and get some expert opinions on travelling to certain places which are nearly impossible to get otherwise. Looking forward to reading more of your work and hope to run into you someday while travelling. Thanks again for the great post. :)
Posted on: Jan 20, 2017
michelm says:
Thank you Brian. This is very helpful.
Posted on: May 22, 2016
WaltJake says:
This is a great blog for newbies! I will be sure to point it out to new people I invite to the site
Posted on: Mar 05, 2016
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TravBuddy - 101
TravBuddy - 101
photo by: spocklogic