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Sorry we didn't enter any blogs when we first got to Amsterdam.  It was too expensive to connect there.  We had a wonderful hotel, and everyone was very nice.  Everything there is served with potatoes, and they even have french fry stands all over the place.  They stay very busy and serve the fries with mayonaise. 

We have not overeaten at all.  We've both been good and had a little of a lot of things.  Food is served on the ship all day, but we really haven't been craving anything.  We stay too busy and happy (thats for you Janice) to eat all the time.

Mom and Dad, I'm fine, no health problems whatsoever.  Really!  I should live on a ship! Give my Baby a kiss for me.

Loretta and Deb,  things are much better since my Alaska cruise.  For one the showers are twice as big .  You can actually walk around in it!  The service is much more refined now too.  I can't wait for you guys to go!

John, could you please forward our address so that those who want to can read it?  Thanks.

HI Kim, I wish you were here. You would have loved this one.  I really miss you, kid.  Love, Mom.

ltc2rev says:
I'll pass on the website to everyone. You guys just keep having a great time. Rest, relax and enjoy God's beauty in the area you're traveling. Church wasn't the same without you today. Son-in-law Mike spoke. He made a few jokes that no one laughed at. We told him that if you two would have been here, you would have laughed. Blessings. John
Posted on: Aug 19, 2007
lschmidt says:
RE: the showers ... is the ship you're on right now like a sister ship (i.e., identical-ish) to the one that you'll be on for September?? If so, ... way cool!

We're at our friends' in the Bay Area right now through Sunday ... our family's 'last hurrah' before the girls start school on Monday and Stef moves into the dorms on the 31st! :(

I miss you, but am SO happy you're having such a great experience and even HAPPIER that you have this blog where I can follow your travels as you go! Woo hooo! Keep it up! (will we get to see photos soon?) :)
Posted on: Aug 17, 2007
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photo by: Chokk